Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More fun and our car can be fixed!

Where are we today ?
        If you read yesterday's posting this is the rest of the day after our broken car. We made it to Phil and Joyce's for supper after all. Below is a a picture of the group except me, (I took the picture as you probably figured out). Way back when Suzie, Joyce and Darla all hung out and got into a lotta trouble, then they all settled down and are still friends. Phil is Suzie's second cousin and from there I get all confused. Ben and I are from wherever? But hey we sure have fun together.
Left to right is Suzie, her cousin Phil and his wife Joyce,
 then  Ben and Darla.  
        Phil cooked up a bunch of excellent farmers sausage on the BBQ, and Joyce made a wonderful potato salad, brocoli salad and caesar salad, and then some warm garlic bread  to top it all off. Oh did I mention we had homemade mustard too!
so tasty
         Oh and not to forget the amazing strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream for desert.
strawberry/rhubarb , my personal favourite!
Their cat (whose name I forgot) likes to drink the water from the fish tank,
 but is afraid of the fish! so cute!
        It was so nice to get together with friends, share stories and enjoy a wonderful meal. The evening went way too fast and before we know it, its after 10 pm, (way past my bedtime). So we head back home to crash. There is still a few people that have to go to work in the morning (We do remember when we had to to that too).
That's the end of Tuesday
now fast forward to Wednesday Morning

         Colder this morning but we did have some sunshine. No news on our car yet so a quick trip to the garage to see how they are doing. Have not had a chance to look at the car yet. So gave Ma a call and headed into Waterloo to hook up a new cordless phone for her. She can't hear the old one that she has had for 19 years. New one not much better so took her with me to find a better one. Stopped at Staples, nothing, but at Walmart had the perfect phone, large numbers and very loud volume, perfect for us older people that are short of eyesight and and can't hardly hear anymore. Forgot to take a picture of her new phone but I think it is awesome. Hope she can get used to the new technology.
         I almost forgot my appointment for hearing tests and 1 pm today. Its been 5 years. Went thru the tests and yes I am still hearing impaired (deaf). So new (hearing aides) or hearing appliances as they call them nowadays are now on order, make me happy and Suzie, well she will just love it, maybe, just maybe I can hear her again.
        Then finally back home and gonna whip up supper. But its cold and blowing snow. The picture below did not show the snow, but it was blustery.
just plain cold
         Luckily I still have our Weber set up in the garage out of the wind so fired it up and threw on a mess of chicken drumsticks and thighs. Whipped up a pot of creamy whipped potatoes, some mixed veggies and a tossed salad. Added our favorite Swiss Chalet dipping sauce on the side and we had a tasty feast of chicken. PS: we love chicken!
cooked to perfect on our Weber Q-100
Sure hit the spot
        That was it for a busy day, and we finally got a call from the garage. Needs a new "passlock sensor". Which is a theft deterrent for a lot of vehicles. Supposedly shuts off the fuel pump if the ignition has been tampered with. I don't think someone would attempt to steal out 11 year old Saturn, probably just wore out. 250,000 kms (155,000 miles) on our towed, but only 155,000 kms (96,000mile) driven. Any who should be fixed up by tomorrow noon that the good news. The bad news will be the parts, labours and towing charge, but hey, we do need to have a reliable car. If it broke we gonna fix it.
         Glad you could drop on by again for a quick visit. It's gonna get warmer soon right?
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. Glad they can fix your car... Sounds like it has been a good one.

    1. First repair other than maintenance in 11 years.

  2. Glad to hear your car can be fixed and it wasn't a serious issue. It might cost a few bucks but it'll still be a lot cheaper than having to buy a new one.

  3. Getting your car fixed is good.
    Having to wait 175 days to head south...not so good.

    1. Oh well, thats life, baut at least we will have some warm summer weather soon.

  4. Glad your car doesn't have a big problem. Looks like overall you had a great day!

    1. Yep it was a great day, upright and breathing is awesome!

  5. What a cute picture of the cat! I wonder what the fish think?

    When we grill chicken, it looks like your grill. We will grill eight breast all at one time. Makes for a tasty lunch, supper or snack.

    1. Love our grilled chicken, but this was just for one meal.

  6. Well I guess I was close on the "pass lock", but no cigar. Figured it was some fool safety device.

    1. Yep you were close, was one of those fool safety devices!


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