Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back in Ontario today, safe and sound,(cold too)....

Where are we today ?
         Up and ready to hit the road early this morning. Not too early to leave, but 8 am is a good time for us. We can relax, compute, chat, enjoy our coffees and a walkbout before we pack up to go.
        So on the road 8:10 am heading north, just look at the weather forecast below. It is awesome here, with humidity gonna be 93f. New Hamburg gonna feel like 39f.....bbrrrr.......
        Check out the map, that is all we travelled and the weather has changed dramatically.
317 miles today
Findlay Ohio
         Now just up the road for a bit stopped at Flying J to fill up out propane tank and spotted this breakfast omelet pizza. Well looked pretty interesting, two huge slices for 5 bucks. Well let me tell you at 8:45 am these were very tasty and just freshly baked, a really good deal. Sure filled us up I can tell you.
excellent breaky
        Now for the next couple hours just drove in the rain. Below is the view thru our windshield.
yep its rainin'
        Shortly after noon we came to the Bluewater bridge in Port Huron Michigan, Border crossing!!! Well again one of our easiest crossings ever. No line up, at all pulled right up the the gate a couple of easy questions. Yep we spent $822.00, and spent $1800.00 in repairs (new fridge) have three part bottles of whiskey, 3 bottles wine, 25 cans of beer, no problem have a good day!! Gotta love these great border guards!!
         Now just a couple hours down the back roads to the farm. Passed  the Wildwood Conservation area and the lake was still frozen, hmm we are here too soon.
the lake is still frozen
        Getting close to the farm and what do wee see? SNOW!! Nope don't wanna see snow, but here it is, not good!
        Any who, here we are at the farm, we on soggy ground. Dennis had some planks laid out for us to drive our front wheels on so as not to sink out of sight on the lawn. (Thanks Dennis! ! ) Keep our drive wheels on the pavement thou!!!! Made that mistake a few years ago.

Our parking spot for a short while
the creek is up very high out front
look at me, jeans sweat shirt and socks!!!
          First day back here at the farm and Dennis and Sandys' (31st, I believe) anniversary. So we gonna take them for supper to the Edge in Plattsville, along with Suzie's Mom and Dad, celebrate their 57th anniversary at the same time. We had a great time and a wonderful feast (me I enjoyed the awesome chicken wings).
yummy wings
         That's it for today, we are back in very cold (expensive) Canada. But this is where our family is and we can enjoy some more great times with them again during the almost summer months.
         Thanks for stopping by and enjoying our trip back home. Was good for us and hope it was good for you too.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
View Winter 2012-1013 in a larger map


  1. Good to see you arrived home safely. The breakfast pizza looked good, perfect for a traveling day. Not used to seeing George in long pants only shorts. Looked like a nice time getting out with all the family. Happy Anniversary to everyone!

  2. Hopefully all that white stuff will be gone in twelve days when we get back. Glad you made it Safe and Sound. Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. You made it !! Home Sweet Home !!

    It sure was fun reading about your winter adventures.

    Will continue to check in on you guys, for sure.

    Take care ... TnT

  4. Glad you are home safe and sound. And what a great way to enjoy family!

    Sorry its so cold...hope it warms up soon!

  5. Welcome home, glad you made it back safe and sound!

    1. It was a good winter, let hope summer comes soon.

  6. welcome home... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. Another busy winter behind you! Enjoy the summer as the weather will improve.

  8. In spite of the urge to somehow try and hoodwink the border guards, we've found that telling them right upfront what you have, etc., *usually* results in a positive outcome. I say usually, because you just never know.
    HOWEVER, if there's some suspicion that you're being duplicitous, subsequently resulting in a search at which point they then find something? Well, then it can only go from bad to worse, and you will forever be *flagged*. Such is the status of our border with our largest trading partner.
    Kind of sad, really.

    1. Bob I agree too.
      Over the years we have always told them everything we have had a never a problem so far.
      If we have to pay duty so be it still a good deal for us in the end, better than causing a hassel.

  9. I don't know whether to give "Congrats" or "Condolences." :)
    If it's any help, it's snowing here in Lovely Ouray, Colorado too...
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. We did have a great winter, if we have to put up with a bit of this it sure is better than a whole winter of it!

  10. Welcome back to Canada, sorry about the weather.

  11. Funny as this might sound, we love Flying J pizza. They usually have them on special and we buy an entire one.

    Sure that jacket is heavy enough for those temps?

    1. That is a heavy sweat shirt, and is fine as long as I am not playing outside and stay out of the wind.
      You are right their pizza is pretty good and the price is right too.


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