Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Enjoying this warm fall weather and the colourful trees. Wrapping up a few things too. and some doggie fixes as well.

Where are we today ?
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      Now over night was much warmer than it has been. At 6 am it was 60 F (15 C) and looks like it could be another wonderful day. Started with a couple of walkabouts got my first mile in then enjoyed an early light tasty lunch.
     And then to the reserve and gas up the car with cheap gas and pick up another pound of pickerel we love for on the road.
     On the way back I  passed a few wonderful fall trees turning color. So nice that we can enjoy these fall colors before we head south.
         After lunch I wanted to top up our fresh water tank and recycle our water softener cartridge again.
the softener cartridge is in here
I just add a 1/2 cup of table salt and flush it through for about 15 minutes
soft water again 
      Next I wanted to clean and lube our Roadmaster tow Bar before we hit the road again. I do this 4-5 times a year, Maintenance does pay off.
all cleaned and lubed ready for the road  again
      That taken care of we can enjoy this wonderful very warm sunny afternoon , 70 F and much warmer in the sunshine a perfect fall day.
gotta love these sunny fall days
     Enjoying our reading time this lady walked by with her Pig on a lease, the kids here just love it.
the kids love this pig
so cool not a pet for us though 
      I finished another page turner and began the next in a series from Carolyn Arnold in here FBI series.I do enjoy her writing.
        Then about 3 pm Ron joined us for Happy hour and Tucker dragged Gerry over here to join us.
doiggie fix for Suzie 
Tucker jumped right on her lap 
Gerry and Ron  we are flapping our gums
      Before 5 pm they headed home and I made supper, an easy one tonight, (Suzie's Request) a Brushetta Pizza we picked up last Sunday at the Pinery market cooked on the BBQ.
     I preheat our Weber Q set our trivet on the grill and added a few extra toppings for us.
the pizza sits on this trivet in a foil pan, 15 minutes and
is done perfectly
just added a few small tomatoes and olives on my half
plus a bit more cheese
this is so thin and light we ate the whole thing as usual
          After supper outside for a while enjoying our reading time. Linda stopped by with her puppies to chat and Suzie got yet another doggie fix.
Linda with her Puppies
     It was cooling down quickly to 60 F just after 7 pm so headed back inside for the evening. Wrap up this posting and soon call it a night after yet another great fall day.
     Only one more day here and heading back towards New Hamburg area to enjoy some fun family time for our Canadian Thanksgiving and a few more appointments to take care of before we cross the border making our way slowly to the southwest again.
    Want to thank y'all for joining us today and hope you enjoyed a nice fall day as well.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. A pig on a leash! That looks like the real-deal not a little pot-belly pig-pet. Not something you see everyday.
    Looks like you'll need to get another pizza for your travels ;)

    1. It is kinda cute to see thus pig walking around the campground. No you don't see them everyday except when these people are in the campground . We still have one more pizza in our freezer for another meal.

  2. Pig on a leash nope not for me. Pizza looks good. I need to go shopping tomorrow and I might just have to pick up the tiney ones for one person.

    1. Not for me either JO but is kinda cute. The tiny one person pizzas work good too.

  3. I love the pig on the leash! So glad you had a nice sunny day, we did as well. Enjoy your last day at your home park :-)

    1. I thought you might enjoy seeing him here. It was a very nice day thanks time to soon wrap up our time here.

  4. That is a rather "chunky pig" at least it is domesticated and loved by his human family and that is all that matters. I prefer my feline friends.

    I have yet to savor a delicious pizza as I overindulged at Sirloin Stockade last week and have to be good for a while :)

    I do believe you guys are going to be greatly missed by Tucker and Gregg. Has the Cat Lady also left?

    1. The chunky ig is a conversation piece at least.
      You did have a feast last week soon time for another.
      We will miss Tucker and Gerry , but see them again in the spring. The cat lady usually come in on the weekends, she camps at the back of the campground.

  5. The pig is too cute, but I'm not sure how he would do in an RV! LOL
    Maybe in November I'll have time to try pizza on the bbq.

    1. The pig is cute and the same people have 2 large dogs as well in their RV.
      These thin crust pizzas work well on our Weber Q on the trivet I use.

  6. The pig is cute but not for an indoor pet for us! haha
    Looks like a great day to enjoy outside. Love these late summer days in the fall!
    Soon time to head south and nice to get some things taken care of.
    Safe travels tomorrow, I assume you meant Tuesday you leave.

    1. It is cute but not for us either .
      It sure was a wonderful sunny warm day here no complaints at all.
      Not long before we go. Yes Going to Tavi Tuesday Morning until the 17th.

  7. Love the changing colors, so pretty! No pig for me! The pizza looks yummy!A nice little happy hour you had there once again. A lovely day there for sure.

    1. The colors are nice but coming slowly, No pig for us either , but is cute.. The pizza very tasty a light and a perfect Happy hour on a warm sunny afternoon.

  8. I can't imagine a pig climbing into an RV never mind living in one. I guess if they got it when it was young it has become use to that lifestyle. Good looking pizza. Never hers of a bruschetta one before.

    1. They have had this pig for a few years, so I guess is used to it.
      We sampled the bruschetta pizza there a while ago and enjoyed it a nice change.

  9. You are quickly marking things off your list before heading south. Enjoy your upcoming time with family for your Thanksgiving. It will be nice for you to see everyone before you leave.

    1. Thanks Cheri we are making progress and being everyone agin is a bonus as well


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