Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Tavistock here we come ! Kitty fixes now.

Where are we today ? 
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      Eventually slept in until 6:45 this morning later than we like  but in no rush today, Tummy muscles still not right hopefully soon. Puttered around for a bit computing done, secured our coach.
      Said our see/ya laters to a few people here then pulled out at 10 am only a 90 minute drive to Tavistock.
Leaving Rock Glen Resort
they are set uo for Thanksgiving and their halloween weekend
scary entrance
moving on down the road
      Nice fall scenery on the back country roads here, fall colors just starting.
4 round abouts on the way
the 5 corners in Tavistock 
           Got there at Suzie's Sister's Rose and Ross, and backed into their driveway right in front of our Niece and Nephews motorhome plugged into power, set up our Satellite dish and enjoyed a light lunch. Tummy still not good.
here we are for 9 days, losta fun family time 
some nice fall colors here near the back of their property
nice pavetsone driveway here. That is Ross's' business
Greated by their cat Gus is actually a she
           At 1 Pm we headed into New Hamburg to drop off our 6 months prescription orders, then to Stratford  for a 2:45 pm for an appointment with the doc that straightened my finger for a 4 week check up before we hit the road.

My young Doc sure knows her stuff
my finger today and she was very pleased with my progress
the injection worked !
this is what it was like 4 weeks ago
      Back in Tavi before 4 pm  Happy hour on their porch enjoying this 70F weather and no wind perfect.
our coach right across from us
we both got  Kitty fixes from Gus a friendly out door cat
me too
     Then Suzie's baby sister Rose joined us for happy hour, did some catching up. It has been a while.
Suzie and Rose
non stop chatting on the porch
     Later tha usual we enjoyed an easy meal tonight, some macaroni gifted to us when Loree and Freddy walked by last night she made in her Instantpot . Added a chopped up hot dog weiner and this did the trick. Thanks Loree.
a nice tasty supper easy on my tummy
         A short travel day. nice to visit some family and a few things taken care of as well. lots more to do while we are here , one day at a time.
        Thanks for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. So glad things are going well. I envy you those nice country roads you drive from place to place as they seem so peaceful and quiet and beautiful. This must be about your last stop before heading south isn't it?

    1. We really do enjoy the back roads here, no big cities, no traffic jams and nice area to hang out in the summer.
      This is our last stop before crossing the border next week.

  2. A nice back road route you have. With good roads and little traffic I'm sure you enjoyed the drive.
    Hope those 6-pack abs of yours are feeling better soon.

    1. Jeff, you're a hoot!!

      And, George, my husband walked by while I was reading your blog and saw the photo of your doctor and said that she was so cute that it was worthwhile to go to the doctor! Ha!

    2. Jeff we do enjoy the back roads here thanks I sure it is feeling better soon I really need to get a good sleep.

      Yes Dee he is, my Doctors is very nice and friendly thanks. Suzie comes along to keep an eye on us LOL.

  3. Your Dr. sure did a great job on your finger. Nice place to spend some time with family.

    1. She did a wonderful job on my finger and no pain or surgery.
      It is a nice place for some family time here.

  4. Rock Glen sure is getting ready for a nice celebration loved their decorations.

    Those back roads are truly beautiful in particular the warm colors of the leaves. RV'ing must run in the family glad a young couple is also enjoying this lifestyle.

    It was about time you guys had some kitty fixes as well :-)

    I hope whatever is ailing you goes away and that you will soon be feeling well again.

    1. Thanks Ms B they really go all out for Halloween and Thanksgiving here at Rock Glen
      We really do enjoy the back roads and fall colors, always nice to see young families camping/ rving.
      The Kitty fixes are a nice treat pretty calm compared to the doggie fixes.
      I hope to get there soon and finally get a good night's sleep

  5. Looks like they have room to park several more rigs in their drive.

  6. Good Morning, catch up time. It is amazing how that shot worked on your finger. Glad to read it took care of the pain. Hope your stomach issue is better soon. How nice to be able to park right there and spend time with family as you celebrate your Thanksgiving. Take care.

    1. It was excellent rearmer no surfers and no pain.
      Lotsa room are in their drive, It is nice to spend time with family when we can.

  7. Awww lots of kitty love. The colors of the trees are beautiful. I'm sure you're going to have lots of family fun!!

    1. Yes the Kitty Love wonderful as if the colors here.And then the family time.

  8. Nice to spend more time with family and get things taken care of.
    Beautiful weather we are all being graced with this week.

    1. Yes the family fun wi8ll be wonderful for sure enjoying thus great weather.

  9. Glad to see the finger is so much improved, the better to pet kitties with! :c)

  10. Hope your back got fixed this morning, enjoy your family time.Exciting for you only another week!

  11. Hmm, perhaps you need to see you chiropractor for an adjustment. Might her with the stomach muscles.

    1. That was my plan this morning butte hospital found the real cause

  12. George and Susie, Sure unhappy to hear about your troubles, George and hope for the best of fixin' it. It's a shock! So sorry.


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