Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, October 14, 2019

A perfect 2nd Thanks giving meal and get together with my family

Where are we today ? 
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       Made it through all the food and family time yesterday and rested in the afternoon. But was uncomfortable, restless, loss of appetite, stomach pains, etc... and had trouble sleeping. When we left the hospital on Friday they advised I use extra strength Tylenol instead of the advil we had always used. When Suzie checked the adverse side effects of Tylenol and found to I had almost every one of them. So the more I took the worse I felt! So no more Tylenol for me. Starting to feel much better this morning already.
downtown water tower 
Still cold here this morning at 38F (3C). our Blue Flame heater keeps us quite comfortable inside so that is no problem.  Then because I could I got out for another drive around town taking a few pictures along the way. So nice to be able to get out and about, even got my winter coat out as well. Guess I better get used to wearing it.
the 5 points intersection
lots of great food here
the Mill downtown
    Back home the skies clouding over even more.  Has warmed up to 45 F by noon.
       Now we puttered around here for a bit relaxing. Until the first arrival shortly after 1 pm.
My son, Jane and GD #2
the first to arrive, wow !
my 3 kids , son, Daughter #1, and Daughter # 2
       As the kids arrived they moved around the house looks like they found lots to keep them occupied.
Lotsa cool things to keep them busy
Suzie , my son and GD #2 playing in the yard

we got by with only one table 3 today, 2 could
 not make it, nice that we all got to sit at one table
       I had asked daughter # 2 to cook the thawed turkey I was supposed to do and she did but she went way overboard .
She made devilled eggs
and brought shrimp ring
turnip, corn and gravy
she also made roast beef as well as the turkey
this was my tasty meal light and just enough.
there we are all around the one table
enjoying an awesome meal
Suzie and I at the far end
GD #3 testing heartbeat of the mechanical puppies
Relaxing in the living room for a bit
Daughter # 1 playing with her youngest niece 

me with 6 of the grand and my son
lol she is trying to lay in the doll crib
        Now there was 3 pumpkin pies, I apple pie and large bowl of truffle.
the truffle being the lightest I enjoyed it
has been many years since I enjoyed that taste treat
      My oldest son in law also took a few pictures and sent them on to us so I could post them tonight as well.
Suzie and I
GD # 3 loves her food

let Jane, daughter #1, me and daughter #2
playing games in the living room
me Suzie the 2 oldest
      Then I got even mire pictures sent to me from Daughter #2 some similar than mine but all wonderful so added thenm at the end.
Yummy Mommy triffle
oh so good
chatting with the ladies
daughter #1 playing with 2 nieces 
cousins having fun.
     Now I really need to thanks my amazing kids for pulling together to make this one very successful Thanksgiving meal and family get together. They are really awesome and pulled through for me.
     Thanks for stopping by and sorry about all these pictures today they are are good record fo us and the rest of the family as well.
      Hope y'all had a great day too.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Looks like a great time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great family celebration and feast!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Another great day with family, glad you enjoyed the day.

  4. Your food looked wonderful and I bet you have a lot of leftovers. Yum! Nice family pictures. Good job kids.

    1. The food was excellent and yes a lot of left overs but not for us I let them take it all.

  5. What a fantastic holiday you all enjoyed. Love all the pictures. You have a wonderful family to pull this off on such short notice and Suzie's family was great to have this second gathering at there home. Now you rest up George.

    1. Yes JO it was a fantastic holiday and great it was all pulled off on short notice, Not what we had planned but it worked.

  6. I loved all your family pictures. I’m continuing to keep both of you in my prayers.

    1. Thank for the prayer Betty and glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  7. Wonderful family pictures and I think it is a testament to how you raised your children that they pulled together and made such a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and family time for you and Suzie! It must have been very different for you to sit back and let someone else do the cooking.

    1. Thanks guys these kids sure did an awesome Job with the food and everything, nothing for me to do.

  8. What a beautiful family you have George!

    Glad everything came together nicely and the food looks phenomenal. Goes to show that blogs can teach you something new...I was under the impression that Thanksgiving was only celebrated in the USA, now I know Canada has the same tradition.

    1. Thanks Ms. Belinda so nice to have them all together.
      And they pulled it all together at the last minute.
      We celebrate our Thanks Giving now and when we travel south we get to Celebrate again in November.

  9. You have a beautiful family! Loved all the pictures, you just keep on posting! Too bad about the Tylenol, who would have thought?! Glad you were able to enjoy yesterday's event. All that food WOW! They did good! You certainly can't deny that your son is yours! That smile is all you! :)

    1. Thanks Guys, I plan to post as long as I can. That Tylenol really did a number on me.
      Yesterday was a much better day for my.LOL yes he does have the smile.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving #2 !!! Another nice family gathering.

  11. That looks like another awesome day, George. Love the pictures, never apologize for family photos, they are our memory.

    1. Thanks Patsy it sure was an awesome day.
      These pictures are our memories. for sure and wonderful ones they are.

  12. Thank goodness for nurse Suzie. Let another lovely family event. Very special memories created for all of you this past weekend. Good luck with the week ahead.

  13. Looks like another wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family. Wonderful pictures of a beautiful family. Lots of great smiles. (Never too many pictures of family.)
    Glad to read Suzie came up with a quick solution as to how you were feeling. Take care.

    Tom and Deb

    1. Thanks guys it was a wonderful celebration and great food. Suzie is good at research thanks goodness , I am still dozier than usual.

  14. So good that you could get together with your lovely family. What a wonderful meal too, and your little GD's are very cute. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Rosie it sure was a fun family time with great food.

  15. Always nice to see the grandkids! Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Stew it sure is nice to see them when we can.


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