Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Hearing aide tune ups, sunshine, St. Jacobs market and hockey.

Where are we today ? 
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    Another very warm night for sleeping , and was 70f at 5:30 am perfect. but then it cooled down by 10 am to about 57F. brrr.  I did get a nice walkabout for about a mile before we headed into New Hamburg at 8 am to get my hearing aides adjusted and battery supplies for the winter while we are gone.
a nice walk down the road for a mile or so
it is fall the corn is being harvest
     Then a final trip this year to the St. Jacobs market. for a few things. Left here at 9 am . Picked  up a small pie from the mennonite lady, 2 pasties, 2 sausage rolls and package of extra hot pepperettes for my daughter, and some more Turkey Garlic sausage. Plus 25 lbs of red potatoes for Sandy.

always enjoy this market
so many great products we can find here
not too busy yet ,early and drizzly Thursday,
Saturday our thanksgiving weekend will be a zoo.
nice large cabbage 2 for 5 bucks
they still have fresh local corn too
     Then a quick walk through the coverall for a couple of things.
       Now the big building for more after we picked up our sausage rolls, cornish pasties, and a small apple crumble pie.
lots of great looking meat here
      I stopped by the poultry vendor we like to pick up a bit more Turkey garlic sausage, that we love.
oh but then we picked up 2 lbs of peaameal bacon that
we cannot get in the states either
oh yeah some pepperettes extra hot
they are like a pepperoni only I like these better
still some good prices on veggies
25 lbs of red potatoes for Sandy 12 bucks
          Back home by 10:30 for a light lunch then back to New Hamburg too get updates on my hearing aide streamers, for the bluetooth connections on my I-phone and Tv streamer that go directly to my hearing aides.
         Now home at noon the sun came out and everything has warmed up nicely again 68F a  perfect afternoon for reading outside.
         Suzie was helping Sandy in the house and I puttered around a bit and even got to enjoy my e-reader outside in the sun out of the wind for a while.
         But then it was so nice I hopped in the car and over to Camp Awesome only 10 minutes away and mowed some of the yard that needed doing and I could. It was cooler but the sun was nice.
     Suzie and I enjoyed some relaxing time outside for a bit (happy hour).  Then soon time for an easy supper.
love seeing the cattle in the fields
was quite comfortable here , sunshine and no wind
          Supper tonight was the rest of our tasty venison stew.  Gotta eat up the leftovers before we get more. With  a small side salad hit the spot.
this cleaned up our leftovers, and some for Dennis and Sandy as well
          Ok, realized I might catch a sunset at 6:45 so whipped out of the bush and down the road, Yup I got one, best we have seen for a while with all these clouds and rain.
not a bad sunset at all,
better than none
       So that was most of our fun day, but now have a hockey game to watch in Plattsville at 8:30 tonight, Grandson number one will be playing, the first game we see him play this year, Soon to be 15 ! Maybe post a pic or 2 tomorrow.
        Thanks again for taking the time to stop on by and hope y'all had a great day too.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. So many great fresh veggis ... and your eating left overs? :) Do you expect to have any issues bringing wine or produce across the border? Our case of Canadian wine was charged $3 when we crossed from British Columbia. Produce is confiscated.

    1. We want to eat the leftovers because we will have many leftovers after our thanksgiving meals weekend. The wine is usually ok because it is homemade, produce we don't take much at all, other than apples that have been allowed and should be this year as well. Most meats are good other than goat this year. We keep a close eye on what is allowed. We do eat veggies in our salads everyday .

  2. I just cannot believe the size of that market! Glad you are able to stock up on all the goodies. One of these days I'll learn to make pasties.

    1. It is a huge market and nice to get some of our goodies before we go. Think the pasties are not had to make, recipes can be found on line for Cornish pasties .

  3. St. Jacob's is a nice market. It has been a while since we've been.
    glad you had some nice weather for outdoor reading and grass cutting.
    Hope the hockey game was a winner!

    1. We do love this market and only 30 minutes away from us here. The outdoor stuff was nice to get done as well.
      There is a story about the game I will put in today's posting.

  4. What a great market and all those goodies! That's a great price for all those potatoes! Love the red ones. Nice that you were able to get some fresh air and cut the grass. That's a late hockey game, good grandparents for going!

    1. Love this market and some good prices too, love the red potatoes as well. The fresh air and lawn mowing was great as well. The game was later than we like but only 10 minutes away. Don't see them play much so do what we can when in the area.

  5. That looks like a really nice farmer's market!

    1. It is an amazing farmer's market always love coming here.

  6. Oh I would give anything to shop at that Farmer’s Market!! That is a goldmine for sure!!
    Hope the hockey game produced a win for your grandson!!

    1. This has to be the best one we have been in all of our travels. They were defeated , but just barely.


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