Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015

St. Jacobs Farmers Market, and a half day of decent weather, some hockey practice too.

Where are we today ?
       What a wonderful morning but pretty cool at 6 am. just about 40f (4c). Overcast off and on most of the day, bits of drizzle now and again, but did get in a couple of walkabouts in town and at the market.
This mornings sunrise
      Suzie was to go to her Mom and Dad's this morning for 10am but was cancelled . So I hopped in the car and made a quick trip to the St. Jacobs Farmer's Market. They are only open Thursday and Saturday and this is our last chance. We probably busy Saturday so today was a good day to. Plus gonna be colder and rainy on Saturday.
       Not too busy but was still early lotsa vendors still there though.
Mennonite selling Maple Syrup
       2 things I wanted to pick up, Turkey Garlic sausage and a mini Elderberry pie.
inside the new market building
        I know exactly where the vendors are so first stop Hilltop Farms Poultry products for their excellent Turkey Garlic sausage.
just love this sausage
Little chilly to sit outside,
but still only 9:45am
     Next stop this Mennonite lady with her homemade Mini pies, very reasonable too.
got our favorite
apples in season
lots of fresh produce
still fresh corn 
everywhere I went lots of wonderful fall colors
           Suzie was at her mom and dad's for a bit this afternoon and I just puttered around, actually go some reading done= nice !
           Tonight Salmon with Dill sauce for the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog on the top right sidebar. This time I used low fat greek yogurt for a healthier alternative, worked wonderful. Not conducive to cooking outside today, high winds, cold, overcast and heavy rain. No problem thats why we have a propane oven, love it. Added an acorn squash and salad did the trick. 
         That rain began coming down quite heavy at 4pm and continued for quite a while.
yep its cold,windy and rainy, cooking inside
          After supper up to the arena in town, Grandson number 4 has a hockey practice at 6 so we will check out his moves, thats always fun.
thats him in the red
and again
         We headed back home now, Grandson number one has a practice at 8 pm, but we just saw home the other night, so will wait until the games on Saturday and see them both play.
Grandson number 1 on Tuesday night
        Always something to do just counting the days before we begin our migration. As of the time of this posting 5 days, 13 hours and 49 minutes, not that we are counting, hehe...
       Glad you stopped by and hope your weather was better than ours. But hey it can always be worse, right?

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Wish we were Fulltiming already. Even so we probably won't be leaving until the beginning of November. We'll just have to keep dreaming for next year.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I'm a big fan of salmon. Probably because of where I grew up. I rarely buy farmed but sure do get excited when I see fresh wild salmon at the market. Nummy.

    1. We will take whatever salmon we can get, but definitely fresh wild is much better.

  3. The countdown is on. Enjoy those fall colors. Mother Nature sure puts on a great show!

    1. Yes she sure does, but the show is almost over so we can leave soon.

  4. I think you might miss those grand kids this winter, We're having perfect fall weather here this week low 70's/high 40's - wish it would stay like this for about three months.

    1. We will miss the grands but we do have facetime to keep in touch.
      Thats good weather thats why we will be heading to the southwest to enjoy it for much longer.

  5. Great looking market! I can imagine those sausages on your grill. I can imagine you will enjoy getting back to the southwest and hopefully it will be a good winter down there this year.

    1. The sausage I will do some on Saturday I think. So looking forward to returning to the southwest again.

  6. Awesome sunrise. You aren't planning on bringing that sausage across the border are you?

    1. We always have, no problems, not labelled and looks like pork sausage which is allowed.
      If they take it so be it.

  7. Will you cook for me...please. I just don't care for it and I cannot get away without doing it.

    1. You have to come here for me to cook for you
      I like to make cooking fun, gotta eat so lets experiment and enjoy it.
      Have always scheduled cooking into part of my day.

  8. What a great farmers market! Love that building.

    1. This is about the best farmer's market we have been to, very well put together.

  9. ...the countdown is on......all systems go.


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