Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

No rain today and one a long travel day 16.7 miles !

Where are we today ?
     The morning started off wonderful look like it was gonna be a good day at 7 am, Clear skies and sun was shining. But the clouds came in and temps dropped. But no rain today.
Geese feeding in the pond
       A few walkabouts this morning and chatted with some people we know as they were, up and about. We in no hurry today just moving to Bill and Barb's Place and get together for supper. Its only 16.7 miles but we want to wait until Bill gets there and parks his trailer before we back in. 
       But first of all Bill wants to watch the Buffalo Bills game before he leaves the campground. We just puttered around at home wherever we are so no big deal. Game was done about 1 pm and he was gone. So we secured the coach and lined up for the dump station. Not many sewer sites here and always a long lineup Sunday afternoon at the dump station reminds us of Quartzsite. But then again no hurry, wait in line, do some computing and read for a while, just like Quartzsite Arizona.
line up at the dump station
       Tanks dumped and we on down the road to Bill and Barbs, short trip about 20 minutes and will stop here visit for a while and head out for supper with them and their daughter Kimberly and Scot.
16.7 Miles today
         In their driveway and parked for the night. Always nice to visit with them just the 4 of us for a while then out for a nice supper here in Northern Buffalo NY.
        About 5 o'clock around the corner to check out Kim's and Scott's new to them house. And of course another doggie fix for Suzie.
Really nice home they have
Barnaby likes Suzie
Kim and the dogs are comfy
         Now for supper tonight always a surprise for us and a new place everytime. Tonight the Buffalo Brew Pub.
We in Buffalo what do you expect?
free bowls of popcorn
Large kettles of beer brewing
We shared a caesar salad
Suzie's large fish portion Haddock
 and salads, no fries
and my wings and fries
always good
          Back to Bill and Barbs to visit for a while with Kim and Scott as well. Thanks guys for you wonderful hospitality, see y'all next year !
          Then time to call it a night, on the road in the morning making our way to the southwest.
           Thanks for taking the time to stop by, hope to see you back when we get on down the road.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. You certainly are keeping yourselves busy with all the folks you know. You have us beat. Our last move was about 20 miles. Those short days on the road are wonderful.

    1. The short days are nice, but now we are in for a few long ones.

  2. What a nice day - a short destination and time with good friends! :-)

    1. We always enjoy stoping here for the night and visit some more.Nice people they are.

  3. My gosh...that is a long line. Looks like another wonderful time with friends. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks guys.
      About 16 rigs in line about an hour, but we have lotsa time.

  4. 16 miles is my kind of drive. The menu from the restaurant looks very good as does Suzie's piece of fish.

    1. Its was pretty good, bot exceptional but the company excellent.
      We will put on some miles today.

  5. Looks like a great place to eat. Good thing you shared the salad.

  6. 16.7 miles? How can you stand driving that long distance? :cD

    1. I know it's tough but visit with friends, free camping, go out for dinner we can do it!
      We will make up for it the next few days though.


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