Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Everybody loves a Parade, sunny fall days, family time and yet another Thanksgiving feast.

Where are we today ?
We will today
       Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Friends.
And anyone else that wants to celebrate

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       A very mild  morning and going to be another awesome day all 'round. First early morning walkabout noticed these 2 deer standing in the field (quite away from me). This is the bean field that was harvested last night. They just stood there and stared at me for a while. 
      Now with the weather going to be so warm it is a perfect day to watch the Thanksgiving Day/ Octoberfest Parade in downtown Kitchener. So just before 8 am we headed off and met daughter number 2 and family at a pre arranged place. The Streets were lined with anxious people. Not long to wait and moved pretty quickly.
       I took about 150 pics but will just show you a few, Its a parade and most of the pictures will speak for them selves. This is the boys first parade and they did enjoy it as well as us adults.
Oncle Hans,
Oktoberfest Mascot
the Molson Wagon 
these girls in the air
great dancers
singing beer steins
      We stayed until near the end and left at 10 am and headed on up to Aurora (about 90 minutes away) to visit daughter number one with all three children and spouse and all 5 grands together.
          Our little redheaded granddaughter playing with Sophie.
       The she was chasing all of the 4 grandsons around and all through the house.  So in and out around and up and down the stairs of this 3 story house plus finished basement.
us adults got to relax on their new deck for a while 
and the boys managed to get in a video game
        But then I figured was time for them carve the 5 pumpkins I brought for them. Perfect mild weather, So we gonna have fun. Lets see what they can do.
cleaning out the pumpkin Brains 
hard at work, designing and cutting
now the judging for 5 different categories,
each one got a ribbon like below

Each artist posing with their artwork,
and scariest faces
          Now its Thanksgiving and we have to eat so lets dig in. The turkey is saved again, today a spiral ham, potatoes, turnip, squash, devilled eggs and salads.
oh so tasty,
moderation allows us to eat like this
       Now the desert options all there too. Lotsa choices.
My choice was a tiny sliver
 of Raspberry/Elderberry pie excellent!
       With an early dinner done we got to chat some more but then time for us to head back home. It was an amazing drive considering the end of a long holiday weekend,  no traffic delays what-so-ever.
        Back here shortly after 8pm to put our feet up after a busy very fun day with the family.
        Thanks for stopping by again and hope y'all had a wonderful day too.

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  1. Looks like another fine day spent with family.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving George and Suzie, glad it was great for you too!

  3. You are right. Everybody does love a parade. I also loved the kids with their pumpkins. They were masterpieces for sure. What a fun day you had and a whole lot of food.

  4. I'd have loved being at the parade... especially the pipers... and the dancers, and the floats... and oh heck... I love it all! Cute pumpkins, too!

    1. It was a fun day and amazing weather right along with it as well.

  5. An awesome day for sure. Loved it all from beginning to end.

  6. Love the Jack-O-Lanterns and boy does pictures of that food make me hungry!!

  7. Love the first photo...hehe

    What an awesome parade. I love parades!

    Those kids are so dang cute. I love the photo of them with their pumpkins. Precious!

    Glad y'all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Family is everything!

    1. It was an amazing day, we all had a great time.
      The Grands love doing the pumpkins every year.

  8. I have never seen a Thanksgiving Parade before. Looks like they put on quite a show. The kids did a great job on their pumpkin carving. They all turned out great.

    1. This is always a great parade and much warmer weather than a Santa Clause Parade in December.
      The kids have been doing these pumpkins every year and each year getting better too.


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