Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hot sunny and a visit from old and new friends. Love it !

Where are we today ?
      Sunny hot Sunday again we loving it. The usual morning walkabouts town, chat with the guys at the garage and back home to just putter around for a bit.
we have shade and a light breeze
       W hip up a light lunch, read for a bit and dip in the pool.  Relax and read some more enjoying this wonderful summer weather, the one thing we like about summer here in Ontario.
Time for another dip in the pool before our friends arrive
        We having friends drop by this afternoon that we have not seen for a couple years. They brought along another couple (Connie and Fred) that are going full time this year and wanted to pick our brains. We talked, we chatted, we shared ideas but some of these people getting too warm. Also getting time for supper after a few hour, so down to the Trail's Edge in town, good food and air conditioned for those who needed it.  So we have a great feast and enjoyed more conversation with these people. They are so excited to be hitting the road later this summer, Wish them good luck and happy trails.
thats us LR: Jordan, Mike, Fred, Connie, Suzie, Me and Trish
Love my wings and fries here amazing
   Supper done then back home Mike would love this ride, (me too) but was not meant to be.
        Back to camp awesome for a bit then said our goodbyes, see y'all later hopefully sooner than later.
         Was a wonderful afternoon catching up with old friends and making new ones at the same time.
          Soon to call it a night all this fresh air and  exercise sure wears ya out.
          Thanks agin for stopping on by.
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  1. There's nothing better than getting together with friends and sharing some good food.

  2. Always nice to meet people with the same passion as you.

  3. We really enjoy talking with couples that are going to begin RVing of any kind. It is amazing what we didn't know when we started out and how much we have learned. It is fun to share the good and the not so good about RVing. I am sure you and Susie have lots of stories to share.

    1. Love talking to them too. So many stories and things to see it is an adventure for sure.

  4. Those wings weren't hot enough for you so you had to add some shark bite sauce to bring up the temp? :cO

    1. Thats exactly right, I want feel the heat and this will o the trick no bay I have found make a sauce hot enough for me.

  5. Nice of you to share all that knowledge over the years. Looks like you all had a great afternoon.

  6. It is fun to meet new people and answer their question.
    It was a fun afternoon.


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