Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nice day trip, spent some money and saved a lot of money.

Where are we today ?
         Today we had plan, lets take  a day trip to Marine City Michigan. The main reason is to go to the Duty free shop and get some cheap booze. Hoping for a nice drive but we had clouds and major rain long the way, but did it anyway. Left here at 9 am and an hours drive. Walked on the ferry (rain has stopped) $1.00 each round trip, checked into customs, did a short walkabout town to use the facilities then duty free shop to get what we are after. They loan us a hand cart to take our stuff back across the river to our car.
today's tour
         This a cool set up they have here, you can check out their website by clicking HERE .  Now  we can buy a 1.75 litre of Canadian whiskey here for $12.00 but with taxes and duty back to Canada cost us $34.90. Same bottle here in Ontario $58.90. So to make the trip worth while we picked up 6 bottles. Total savings of $144.00 will do us for quite a while. Mind you if we did not drink alcohol we would save a lot more. ??!! Not a huge savings on beer that we mainly drink so it was still a fun trip. Would have been nicer in the sunshine but hey, it is what it is.
       We have been here before and don't need to go for lunch, we have food at home.
heading west to Sombra on HWY 402
ferry fee $2.00 each walk on, round trip
the ferry coming to get us
unloading and a lady with 5 cases of beer on her cart
huge lake freighter passing on the St. Clair river
nice church on the Michigan side 
heading into the dokc
          We walked a couple blocks to use the facilities then back to the Duty free store.
not much here other than a few stores and restaurants
        Got our supplies at the Store and back on the ferry. This huge tractor trailer took up half the boat but there is one Ferry every 18  minutes. We walk on so no problem.
thats Suzie and our hand cart 
off the ferry and check into Canada customs, pay our Tax and duty here 
this truck was on the ferry
now this what we picked up and saved a huge pile on money
        Back home for lunch then I whipped up a Broccoli apple salad. For 2 functions. Some for tomorrow when family stops in and the rest for a family reunion on Sunday. You can check the recipe on my recipe blog on the top right sidebar or click HERE. It is wonderful and am sure you would love it. I made the whole recipe this time.
very tasty salad this is
        Now relax outside with my honey for a while and enjoy our e-readers. Kinda cool but we just add a layer.
this young fellow delivers firewood to you site for $5.00
good deal but we don't need any
      Supper a simple grilled boneless chicken breast on our Weber Q.
added to our salad sure hit the spot
          Remember last night we went to Rose and George's for a campfire? Well this is the picture of our fun group below. They left this morning.
nothing like a good campfire
          We did have a wonderful day and got more stuff done. Thanks for stopping in and hope yours was a good one too! 
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Hey... we all have to have our pleasures (mine is wine).... enjoy life to it's fullest!

    1. Wine is good too, but all they sell at this store is Beer and Alcohol, no wine.
      Thats why we are living this lifestyle to enjoy every minute of it !

  2. So is there no limit in what you can bring back across the boarder? Thanks for the recipe.

    1. At this crossing as Canadians we can bring back up to 45 litres at a time as long as we pay the tax and duty on it. It was $12.00 for the bottle and $23.90 for tax and duty. Still a good deal for a Canadian Whiskey that sells for $58.90 here.
      Enjoy the salad.

  3. Wow, it's amazing how much you all have to pay for duty and tax. I'm glad your "run" was successful! :-)

  4. You do have to spend money to save money. It's fun getting bargains. We look for them too. Sometimes we luck out and sometimes not so much but the search can be fun.

    1. It is a good deal especially on products that we will use. We stocked up and will do us quite a while.

  5. That's a good deal on the booze and you get a boat ride as well! Each province charges different import fees and Ontario seems to be cheaper than BC where we were told it is one dollar per ounce. That would make our cost $52 per bottle. Not such a good deal out here.

    1. It is a good deal for booze in Canada and we like to take advantage of it.


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