Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Buckhorn, Lakefield area is wonderful, even on an overcast day.

Where are we today ?
         A bit cooler and overcast today but that's just fine we have other things todo. First things early morning walkabout the lower part of the campground, not real busy but will be at some point this week.
lots of sites available for this, Canada Day Holiday
coming up this week
we have another nice site here
          About 8:30 headed into Buckhorn for a few groceries and check out to see whats new since last summer. 
Canadian flags flying for Canada Day tomorrow
         Saw the sign for the Buckhorn  Community Centre Market on Tuesdays so stopped in there to check things out, lots of fresh baked goods, craft and some local produce as well. Picked up 2 pecan tarts for a snack.
not too busy yet, it was early still, just the way I like it
       And noticed this amazing Drummondi Maple tree below, very interesting leaves!
         Back home and Suzie had sorted our laundry so into Lakefield about 8 minutes away to the laundry mat. Commercial washers and dryers does a very good job, quick easy and reasonable. And I can read while all this is going on. Love doing laundry! After the laundry a short drive about town on my way home, few nice old buildings I spotted, worth taking a picture of to share. But did not hang around too long gotta get home to make lunch. While Suzie puts the laundry away.
         A quick bite to eat but now raining pretty steady. So what do I do? Wash some of our coach in the rain of course. Free nice soft rain water does a really good job on the spots I did. No Rv washing allowed here so do what I can, when I can.
collecting rain water from our awning
        Now had a couple more minor projects to putter with, after washing some of the coach, repair CB radio (done) repair my cordless drill (done), install hanger for CB radio (done), repair can opener (done). Just a few minor things perfect rainy day projects.
        Projects done and now its after 4 pm. Where did the day go? So a short "Happy 1/2 hour" with Suzie and I can whip up a salad, preheat our Weber Q to grill a lovely Turkey breast for supper. While this is grilling we can enjoy our e-readers outside , under our awning and out of the rain. Love warm rainy days occasionally.
turkey breast and some yellow peppers
the turkey so moist and tasty,
        And Suzie even got her "doggie fix" when our friend Pat stopped by with BJ (Billie Jean).
       Having issues with our Satellite dish since it fell over. Call Shaw today and they can mail a new L&B to us, no longer free, was $99.00 would take a week or so, but they can have a local technician to instal a new one on Thursday this week, same price, so thats what we will do.  We don't watch much tv so not a big deal, have a couple channels on the antenna here or some DVD's or even VHS tapes it we have the need.
        That was our wonderful day, hope you had a nice one too. Thanks for stopping by again, and if you in the area stop in to say Hi. 
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Love washing the RV in the rain. Good service from Shaw! Wow Thursday is the next business day.

    1. Washing in the rain is fun when its pretty warm out.
      Thought that was great service since today is a holiday.

  2. Variegated leaves on that maple. Wonder if it produces variegated syrup. That would be something. So.1999 was international year of the old person. About time it came about again looking at my face. That church looks very British. Hooe the rain clears and you sort your dish out. We've got 34 c here today.

    1. Gonna be 21c here today, dish will be fine tomorrow.
      Variegated syrup sounds interesting, I wonder ?

  3. VHS tapes? That's a blast from the past. Do you have an Eight Track player, too? ;c)

    1. The VHS player still works and we have lotsa tapes that work too. Including some home movies on VHS.
      Never had and 8 track, but still have some cassette tapes and small tape player.

    2. You always seem to find some great markets. I wish you'd send a little of that cool weather this way.

  4. Lotsa great markets here in the summer. Why not come this way and enjoy our wonderful summer weather here in Ontario?
    We would like some more heatn but it will bee here soon for a bit.


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