Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stere family Reunion Tavistock Ontario and I WON TWICE !!!

Where are we today ?
       Up early as usual even after a late night last night. An with heavy rains this morning I put together Saturday's posting, if you missed it you can Click HERE.

        So with that done we headed out for an 80 minute drive to Tavistock to attend the Stere Family reunion on Suzie's side of the family. We try our best to make it every year so she can meet up with lots of her relatives. Aways a huge pot luck luncheon with about 150 or so of Suzies closest family members, attending again this year. This goes back many generations when Joseph Stere (Suzie's Great, great Grandfather) settled in New York State from Alsace-Lorriane and had a family there, his wife passed away then he came to Canada and had another family. Suzie has worked on the family tree for years and has pretty update information on all this.
      We arrived about noon and she got right to work catching up with many relatives from all over, I even know of few them as well too.
     The lunch begins at 1 pm with many tables of great mostly homemade dishes, pretty anything you could possibly want here. First 2 shots are of the main course table one from each end.
      The next 2 shots are of the desert tables , again so many varieties.
conversations going on all around the room
       The lineups were orderly and moved pretty quickly, no worry about running out of food.
so many choices, but impossible to sample everything,
so much for healthy eating today,
gotta cheat once in a while
              For desert I sampled a tiny pice of fresh strawberry shortcake, and watermelon. 
              Then they have draws for door prizes. I guessed the weight of this watermelon right on at 13 lbs!. And Won this neat badminton set with 2 huge paddles a regular birdie and a huge birdie for us seniors to see, LOL... I am sure the grands will love playing it too. As for the Watermelon we will be eating it for quite while and even share some too.
good thing we like watermelon
Suzie chatting with another group discussing, what else?
Genealogy of course.
             We headed back to Arkona arriving about 4:30, no more rain today actually quite nice, warm and humid but not unbearable.
Back at Rock Glen a few walkabouts, and enjoy our
 e-readers outside
        That was about it for today, no supper needed, we sure not hungry after that amazing lunch we enjoyed with some of her huge family.
         Glad you could drop by again, we had a busy 2 days of fun family stuff, now ready to relax again for a bit.
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  1. Now that is what I call a reunion. So glad y'all had such a great time. Memories to last forever.

    1. It is always a fun time and of course an awesome meal too.

  2. I love family reunions. We have them annually too. Sometimes they're big and sometimes pretty small. The food usually is more than enough with lots of leftovers. I understand the genealogy discussion. I got the bug close to 40 years ago at a family reunion too.

    1. This reunion is always quite large, has changed over the years but always a fun time.

  3. Lovely, did Suzie's parents attend this year?

    1. Was great but just her Dad was able to get there.

  4. Make sure to hit the birdie and not the watermelon with that racket. I know you seniors have some eyesight problems... :cD


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