Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cabinet installed, two birthdays and a pig roast today, yep we busy and having fun, kinda cold though.

Where are we today ?
        Cooler windy and overcast today so started with an early morning walkabout town then back here. And checked out the back where Aaron is firing up his cooker to roast a 135 lb pig for a surprise 40th birthday party for Mike, love a pig roast! 
about 8:30 it is heating up to temperature
      Then I ran over to the shop to pick up our finished cupboard, also got a few groceries, then back home for light lunch with Suzie.
this be where the shop is
her Dad's latest projects , wooden clothes dryers
      After lunch over to visit Suzie's Mom and celebrate her 81st with a tasty birthday cupcake. We visited for a while before heading back home.
Suzie and her Mom
       Now its cold and rainy outside so I set to install the cabinet I made this week to replace to old heavy analog TV that we had to replace.
old Tv built into the dash 21 inches and 44 lbs
remove the old Tv and we have this huge space
          So during the past week I designed and put together this oak cabinet to fill the hole.
         After visiting her mom we came back home to mount the hinges and handles on the doors and install, now its all done.
this the cupboard,  small stand in front is to set the TV on,
with DVD player underneath, we like the setup
Nice large 32 inch HD TV, lightweight, and can
still enjoy the view out our front window,
        When we travel just set the Tv on my recliner, right behind the passenger seat and we have the nice storage cabinet that Suzie will find things to store in there. You can never have enough storage in an RV.
         Enough puttering for one day time for another birthday celebration. Its about 4;30 and we can smell the aroma of that pig cooking. So we bundled up (it's only 55f, cold very windy and raining) wandered back to to check out the Surprise party for Mike.
Happy 40th birthday Mike!
nice slushy machine here,
for the adult version add your poison
on top of the machine
      The power in town went out because of the storm, but this fellow was right here with his RV, so fired up his generator to supply power for the music, slushy machine and most important the rotisserie for the pig.
this be the power supply
the pig is done 
removing from the spit
the carving will begin
thats me and Aaron's son sampling,
the crispy crackling, oh so good
tents and windbreaks keeping us almost comfy,
at least dry.
they filled a few of these large trays. 
needless to say more than enough food for everyone 
Nothing quite like a pig roast
         We chatted and socialized with quite a few people, some we have not seen for a few years, was a great time. Too bad about the weather, this was supposed to be a pool party. Pool was heated but not the air!  We did last a couple hours but finally had to pack it in. Guess we were not dressed warm enough mostly our hands frozen.
everyone having a good time
a few full trays of meat, remember 135 lb pig
       Well it was a wonderful fun day all round, just too bad about the weather, but it is what it is, ya just never know.
        Thanks for stopping by again and hope you enjoyed you saturday day as well no matter what the weather.
         Tomorrow gonna visit My ma for her birthday and lunch.
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  1. The pig roast looks like the best bbq ever. That's living.

  2. That cabinet is lovely... very nice! But... oh.. that pig roast! Yum Yum Yum! My mouth is watering for some of those cracklin's!!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, the pig roast was awesome, to bad you weren't here.

  3. been a good while since we have been to a pig picking...

    1. It's been a while for us too , always very tasty !

  4. Great job on the cabinet. Now I bet your MH sits a couple of inches higher in the front by removing that heavy old TV. ;c)

    1. Thanks we are happy with it will do the job very well and yes we much lighter now!

  5. We did pig roasts in Norway - commercially, but I have to see we didn't turn them into charcoal! But once the black stuff is removed it must have been good, or?

    1. Then black stuff is the very tasty crispy skin we call "Cracklng". So very tasty all the rest is extremely tender !
      Love it !.

  6. Not a bad way to spend a day.


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