Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Back to Plattsville and free beer !

Where are we today ?
          Gonna be a wonderful day! And it sure was. Usual walkabouts this morning and a very quiet campground just the way we like it but gotta leave. Suzie meetng with the doc's in New Hamburg dealing with her mom. So looks like we will be back at  "Camp Awesome" for a bit again. No problem we do love it here.
mid week , very quiet here
all by ourselves
        Short lived though, Suzie took off in the car about 9 am to go to a meeting. I finished securing our coach and headed a different route to Plattsville. Enjoying the wonderful back country roads along the way.
Wind Turbines every where here
now this is a nice way to travel
       Into Plattsville, where else but a small town ( Canada) can you see people riding their horses down the main street?
        Now all set up here, Suzie back and we had bite for lunch. Then just relax for a while enjoying this great weather.
she on the phone. family tree stuff as usual
        Then I can whip up supper, grill a couple chicken legs and thighs, yellow peppers and a tasty salad, to round things off.
yep was yummy
         As I began posting the Blog I  noticed another posting on the Plattsville Facebook page. That Greg from Wellington Brewery was here on town offering free samples of their craft  beer. Now we both love beer and especially free beer so we have to go right? Only 3 blocks away, the Trail's Edge in town to. So we wandered in and chatted with a few people and met Greg, sampled his beer and really enjoyed it. Wish they serve it here on a regular basis, maybe they will?
Wellington Brewery of course the Wellington Boot to match the name
that be Greg and very nice fellow promoting his beer
          Now while here we shared a nice snack, Lobster stuffed mushroom caps. And I tell you they were amazing! Did not need them but sure was worth it.
oh yeah !
         A nice diversion form the normal, but back home enjoy another mild evening then finally time to head inside shortly after 9 pm. Gotta call it quits sometime right?
         Thanks for stopping by again, we around here for a week or two maybe. If you around and see us here stop on by.
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  1. Wonderful days are the ones we all enjoy. Maybe you have many more of them.

  2. WoooHooo! Great food AND free beer! Can't beat that!!!

  3. Free beer is a good thing! The lobster stuffed mushroom caps sound yummy! I'm glad you had another wonderful day in "Camp Awesome!"

  4. How come they served the beer in glasses and not the boot. That would have been more interesting... ;c)

    1. Glasses yes, but like you said the boot would have been more interesting.

  5. When asked my favorite beer - the answer is cold and free, so I would have enjoyed your event.


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