Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday is always a great day, retired or not!

Where are we today ?
       Now we are having another wonderful day here at Rock Glen resort. My usual walkabouts first thing and chat with some early risers is wonderful. Home by 7:30 am and we just puttered around for a while enjoying this amazing warm weather.
       No plans for today just enjoy each others company, just the way we like it. We can read and I can do a few things here and there,  did some more undercoating/ rust proofing on our coach. Then before we know it noon. Time for lunch. This is the life!
        We had a bite to eat and enjoyed our e-readers outside and again chat with a few people as they walked on by. You don't meet people if you are not outside! And we love to be outside to enjoy the wide open spaces, read, the fresh air and sunshine.
          Bob stopped by and asked about our satellite dish. He is having issues with his. So I grabbed my stuff wandered to his site and checked it out. Did nothing other than look at it and he went from 45% signal to 90% in no time at all.  He happy and we happy all is good for him now.
         Happy hour at Ron and Loree's 3:30. So grabbed our friends Emile and Monique and headed up the hill.
Emile and Monique
Suzie got her Doggie fix with Freddie
Freddie loves popcorn
 Rose and George were there too!
We had a fun time swapping stories
and telling lies
Ron even took a pic of me too,
can you see me?
        Now Rose and George were at a local auction all day and must have bought it all. their 4 door Jeep was loaded! Not sure what they will do with it but thats their problem. They are fulltime too!
one side door
tailgate is full too
      Back home around 5 pm time to whip up supper. Gonna grill a couple Honey Garlic Turkey sausage and some broccoli, carrots and yellow peppers.
not long on out Weber Q and all is good
worked for us and heart healthy too
      Another fun relaxing day, just enjoying the warm weather sunshine and a bit of social time with friends= perfect!
      Glad that you took the time to visit us today hope that your day was as good as ours!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Your friends really did have fun at the auction. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    1. It sure was a great day, can't beat the weather.

  2. Yes, everyone likes Saturday but then again, with all the weekenders out, Monday through Friday is good too.

    1. Not many weekenders here yet, still pretty quiet.

  3. Looks like a great way to spend the day and you guys have deserve many days like this.

    1. This is the lifestyle we enjoy, great weather a fun.

  4. I can't even imagine what Bill would say if I came home carting all that auction stuff ;-) I can just see him shaking his head and muttering.....

    1. I think they have a plan for it, at least I would hope so.

  5. yep that is tooooo much stuff for a fulltimer to buy...


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