Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

9 to 5 fun to day ! making a cupboard .

Where are we today ?
        As I posted yesterday was a great Father's Day fun times but too late to post last night.
Today I have a project to work on. After thinking about this cupboard project where the old TV was and have a plan in my head, I got right into it first thing. After coffees and walkabouts town of course.
      But before that I will tell you about Father's Day. Visit my Ma first thing in the morning for a while. Pick up Suzie and we head off to her brother's for a Father's Day lunch, with Suzie's dad as well as Sandy's.  And a few other family members there as well.
nice to see a couple young
 ones there having fun too
only about 16 of us there . but a fun time we had 
     BBQ'd smoked pork chops, scalloped potatoes and some very tasty salads.
yep was tasty
desert , Strawberry pie with whipped cream
       Then go playing hockey with a great nephew, outside enjoying this exercise and wonderful weather.
Suzie and her Dad, Levi
      Then we headed back to "Camp Awesome" and relax for a while.  About 5 pm got a text from daughter number 2. " You have plans for supper?" Nope we had a big lunch. Also  had a great message from my son on facebook and a phone call from daughter number one. All bases covered and really felt good.
        So we ended up heading down the road in town about 3 blocks away to the "Trails Edge Tavern" for a get together and a light meal. A great visit and they ended coming back to our place and relax on a very mild evening, until way past our bedtime but sure was worth it !
nachos and cheese
lobster suiffed mushroom caps
       Excellent snacks then time to head home and chat.
hey thats daughter #2 and ME !
her and Suzie too
        This morning, cupboard project in the go. And I made many trips (lost count) to Suzie's dad's work shop only about 8  minutes away on the back country roads.
over this bridge many times today
the bridge is over the Nith river here
lovely drive on river road
        Now the cupboard project that took up most of my day. But hey it's always fun, building things.
I took the old Tv out on Saturday and now we have this huge vacant space. So I set to work. I can build a cupboard that we can use for storage. So measuring and stuff, back and forth to the workshop, finally got the box built and some trim for the front. Wrapped up about 5 pm. thats enough fun for one day.
big space where that monster tv was
its taking shape but time for supper now,
 gotta build some doors next
        For tonight gonna grill a couple Spinach and cranberry Turkey burgers along with the rest of our seafood salad from yesterday, some celery and carrots with a dip I made.
love these burgers
did the trick again
    Thanks again for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this amazing weather that we are having too,
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  1. Y'all really do it up big on Father's Day.
    Isn't it a wonderful feeling when the kids call. Your daughter is a beauty.

    1. Was a great family fun day and yes, she sure is a sweetie.

  2. I agree that you certainly have a beautiful daughter. Looks like you had one fantastic Father's Day too!

  3. Lovely picture of you with daughter #2.

    Your cabinet is looking really good so far, can't wait to see it with the doors on.

  4. You had a very full father's day - looked like great food & company

  5. Great family pics George and I like the looks of the cupboard. Will be a great storage space when it is done.

    1. Thanks Bill, , more storage, less weight and a better TV, works for us.

  6. Looks like you have good woodworking skills - nice job utilizing the space.

    1. Thanks , Larry, guess I have not lost my touch, after many house renovations.

  7. Wow, George, that cabinet looks amazing. You're not just a great chef, but a master woodworker too!

  8. Nice Father's Day George. And nice too that you are handy and can build a nice cabinet to replace the old, heavy TV. Good luck with the rest of that project.

    1. It was a great day.It helps to be handy, now we have more storage and a wonderful large screen High def TV as well.

  9. Great idea re the cabinet. Looking good. Always nice to have more storage in the RV.

    1. It was time to dump the old TV , it was acting up and not worth trying to get it fixed. The new ones are nicer, with a few more features and a lot lighter too.
      The storage will come in handy for organizing as well.

  10. Did you do the cooking for the family dinner?

    1. Not this time just brought along our seafood salad.


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