Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 08, 2015

Wildlife here, a bit of rain and a another warm day.

Where are we today ?
      Well last night we had the rain, major rain too! Most of the night and for a few hours this morning too. Love the sound of rain on our roof, almost like a lullaby. Did get a few walkabouts between rain drops this morning. Supposed to rain all day here but we got a reprieve. Basically stopped before 11 am and we could enjoy some more outside fresh air and reading.
       We do have some wild life here, not big  animals just small critters that pop up here and there. Still nice to see mother nature at her best.
click on the pictures to make them larger
got the Geese and their babies are growing
this black toad under
Rose and George's BBQ
mean looking critter
       We put up a "New to us" hummingbird feeder and they are coming here like crazy. So hard to get a picture of them though, they move so fast. Below is the best I could get.
      Got some good reading time in today and enjoyed a sunny warm afternoon. I wandered over to the Fitness Centre for an hour and enjoyed a nice workout. Read some more. What a perfect day we had not too cold and we got to spend some great relaxing time together (our favorite kind of days).
a very nice afternoon
        About 4:30 I can begin prepping supper, whip a salad, prep the asparagus and a couple Wild Pacific Salmon burgers. Fired up our Weber Q to preheat then 20 minutes later we enjoyed another tasty supper. While I was cooking the skies opened up for about 30 minutes and we had a major downpour.
strong winds so put up our windscreen
did the trick again
     Supper done , the rain stopped and we back outside enjoying the warm evening, no bugs, birds chirping and hummingbirds stopping on by for a feast. A bit cooler so sweat pants and a hoody but we can enjoy this fresh air, while posting our blog.
      Glad that you came by again, thanks for stopping in.

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  1. Sounds like quite the near perfect day. The rain helps keep the dust down....and it's good for keeping the greenery thriving.

    1. It was a perfect as most of them are, Things are growing here wonderfully too.

  2. Rainy days can be very nice... good for reading and cooking... looks like you did both. Hey... I love that toad!

    1. Excellent day, and the toad was very interesting.

  3. I'm like you with the rain creating a very good sleeping environment.

  4. I love watching critters -- small or huge. Rain is okay once in a while but I hate it when it pours and pours.

  5. Neither rain nor wind will stop you from cooking on your Weber Q! :c)

    1. Thats right not even snow and cold, gotta do it !


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