Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rv stuck here (not ours) and Happy birthday to my Ma!

Where are we today ?
       Sunday morning and still overcast but the wind has subsided. Last nigh the wind blew our satellite dish over and and cracked the LNB (head). Thought it was toast thats why we watched a dvd movie we had.
         So this morning wind died down and rain let up and I played with it for a bit. Put the LNB back together and taped it up. Guess what it still works! Amazing gonna see if we can buy a new one here in town for a spare on  Monday.
taped together and still works !
       Morning walkabout town and stopped by Danny's place next door. Now lotsa people like to stop in and visit him for a beer. No problem right ? But he got wise. How about a beer dispenser 2 bucks each, love it !
beer machine, great idea!
      Back at "Camp Awesome" the rig that was heer last night wanting to move out. After the heavy rains last night he got stuck on the lawn. Not going anywhere!

yep he stuck
      Now Danny being a friendly neighbour came over with his 4X4 pickup truck hooked one and no go. Not gonna move that rig.
        Now to plan B. Danny went home got his diesel 4 wd tractor and hooked up.
 a bit of spinning
but did the trick
made a mess of John's lawn

but a few guys worked on it for a it and not so bad now
       Now for 11:30am we gonna visit my Ma and have a birthday lunch with her in Kitchener take her a nice Black Forest cake for  desert. When we arrived found my sister and BIL, brother and SIL there as well. We have a very nice visit with Ma, enjoyed a nice lunch and some birthday cake, some fun times together.
this be the cake, awesome! 
ma she happy to have us all here, 88 yrs old today
she blew the candles out too
soup for lunch
tasty shrimp caesar salad too
      Next into the lounge and we can chat for a while. Not that often that we all get together and she enjoyed the visit.
she looking pretty good
that be our family, l-r Me, Suzie,(bro) Chris, (SIL)Sheri,
 Paul (BIL, and Sis Louise,
of course  front and centre
     Now back home I have a few small projects on the go. Finish secure our new cupboard, put all my tools away, relax for a few minutes and whip up supper. Tonight some pinwheel salmon stuffed with lobster we picked up last week and the St.Jacobs market.
salmon pinwheels added to our salad
did the trick tonight
      Glad that you stopped by again  for a peak.
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  1. How wonderful to celebrate a birthday with your mom! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  2. Your Mom looks fab! Great idea to get that family shot taken. Interesting how both your Mom's have their birthdays so close together.

    Yikes to John's lawn but it will grow again. At least you all have a blast. Sorry about all the wet and wind. GIve Shaw a call in the morning, they have replaced our LNB at no charge in the past and once they even mailed it to Playa Los Glorias at Mr. Moro's in Mexico. Now that is amazing.

    1. It was a nice family get together and we do like to get a pic when it happens.
      The lawn will grow but will be pretty bumpy for a while.
      A guy down the street here is a Shaw dealer gonna check him out in the morning.

  3. Looks like you still had a great time even with the bad weather.
    Glad to see the family helped your mom celebrate her Birthday.
    You mom is looking good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Ma doing pretty good, and we always have a great time no matter the weather.

  4. Those ruts in the lawn remind me of parking in fields in the UK around spring time. This happens if you go to country shows as parking is always in fields. Those wheels just keep spinning.

    1. We have the same things here at the country shows here too and all we need is a heavy rain and everyone stuck.

  5. I have never seen a beer machine, but what a great idea.
    Ma looks great...a very happy to have her family help celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday, Ma!

    1. The beer machine is a great idea especially when people like to stop by and consume his beer.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes too.

  6. My neighbor has two tractors and I've learned that it is hard to beat having access to them. I've never heard of salmon pinwheels but they sound delicious.

    1. Picked the up at the Seafood market and they were delicious.

  7. George i looked for the "How To" for the salmon pinwheels in your recipes but didn't see it. Would you please add it. Our son in law just gave us some salmon he brought back from Alaska and I'm anxious to use it on our new Weber 1000. Thank you so Much

    1. Sorry Betty I bought them at the market last week looked and tasted awesome. You can make them yourself though saw some recipes on line.

  8. Good fix on the dish. Shaw can send you a new one or you drop by their office for a purchase. I have a spare unit in the RV.

    That semi-truck drive should have known better than to attempt to drive on soft grass following the heavy rains.

    And you mom look great. To take the family photo is a precious thing too.

    1. We gonna give Shaw a call tomorrow just to get a spare.
      The truck driver back into a low spot and was done. Nice that bDanny next door has his tractor.
      The family photos are priceless for sure.

  9. How nice you all got together for your mom's birthday, I'm sure she loved having you all around her. That was some special birthday cake, too. Made my mouth water more than the salmon pinwheels... :cD

    1. The cake was awesome but the salmon awesomer!!
      In our opinion.


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