Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

St. Jacobs Farmer's market and other things, and more great weather.

Where are we today ?
       Now its Thursday and still some amazing weather here, up to the mid 80's and, mostly sunny. Just a few rain sprinkles around noon but no big deal. I ran a few errands early, visit daughter number 2 and dropped off our 13 lb watermelon we won at the re-union last Sunday( she does day care so the kids will love it) and then Suzie off to visit her mom at 9:30 for a couple hours. I always have few things to do around here while she is gone, no problem.
      She back here to grab a bite for lunch then headed into the St. Jacobs Market.  Another market we love. Thursday market is not quite as busy as the Saturday one. Love less crowds. So if it works we will go. Plus she had a chiropractor appointment not far away for 2:45, perfect timing.
      The new market building is up and running, with most of the vendors in place after the major fire whiped out the other building almost 2 years ago. The new one is bigger and better, wider isles and even an elevator. We only had about and hour but made good use of our time there.

the new building looks impressive

not a lot of crowds but still very busy
       One of the first vendors we saw was one of our favorites. We picked up some excellent Garlic Turkey sausage and Turkey Kielbosa, oh so tasty and healthy too.
decent prices too
       Then Caudle's Catch for some excellent seafood . We picked up a couple Salmon pinwheels with lobster and spinach stuffing, a meal another day.
everything they have is wonderful
       After the main floor we went upstairs to check things out. Most of the vendors are back and looks absolutely wonderful.

      Now outside to check out some more vendors, picked up 3 lbs of very nice fresh asparagus for $5.00 and 2 large heads of red leaf lettuce for $3.00, Some good deals to be had if you look.
       And we found our Pepperette guy at his new location, so stocked up a bit, gonna a share with some friends that love his Extra hot pepperettes. (I guess like peppereoni for our American friends, only these are soo good, very hit and tasty)
     We wandered a bit more and through the coverall, ( Temporary building after the fire) still a few vendors there, they are in a transition period right now.
the coverall
        Ran outta time, gotta go to Suzie's doc. Got that done and picked up ourselves a new Tv for our coach. The old CRT tv 16 years old is on it last legs. More about that in another posting.
        Back home in time for our own "Happy Hour", store the food and fire up our Weber Q 100.
so nice here today again
       Grill up some fresh Garlic Turkey sausage, tender asparagus and a tasty salad, Was soo good !
sure did the trick today
          Outside after supper, enjoying this great weather, waiting for a big storm front that is supposed to arrive earlier, but so for all is good. Think it passed us by. Still calm and still warm, will see what happens overnight. After 9 pm gotta head inside and finish this posting.
         That was our fun day hope yours was a good one too.
         Thanks again for stopping on by. 
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  1. This may sound strange, but that is the prettiest farmer's market I have ever seen. By the way, I am now starving after reading and seeing all this food.

    1. We agree very well put together, extremely large, and does an amazing business. Quite a few vendors from here go to the Pinery Flea Market on Sundays too.

  2. You sure seem to find all the great Farmer's Markets. This one looks amazing. Wish it were closer so we could wander around.

    1. Quite few hours wandering around exploring it all is a fun day for us.

  3. I bet you're going to "gobble" up that Turkey Kielbasa in no time! :cD

    1. Gobble, gobble we love it but do eating sparingly, want to make it last.

  4. Love the look of the new market, so fresh and clean. That asparagus looks so tasty.


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