Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The beginning of our Canada Day Long weekend, with perfect weather.

Where are we today ?
      Saturday morning and pretty quiet for a full campground. Mind you it is 5 am and already 70 f. Great start for the Canada Day Long weekend. Got the computing and coffees done, walkabouts and Suzie ready to head out by 8:30.
       First off check a few yards sales in the park, then head into Peterborough, a few yard sales on the way we need to check out. No purchases but always fun to look.
one large yard sale on the way
            Then into the Peterborough Saturday Farmer's Market (same one we did last Saturday). Walked around a bit picked up some really nice tasty Kielbosa that we enjoy. Lots of great fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts here too.
fresh  local garlic
Local Maple syrup too
Lotsa fresh local strawberries that we love
mushrooms too
even free samples of strawberry shortcake
        Lots of people and lots of vendors, a perfect summer day as well.
      Then we went to Farmboy Markets to check out the deals there. A favourite grocery store of ours here in town. Too many people and too much traffic, so we found a few back streets and hightailed it out of town. But got hung up in Bridgnorth a small village with two traffic lights and lots of holiday weekend traffic.
long lineup for the lights in Bridgenorth
        Then finally we back home to enjoy our campground and bite to eat for lunch. Relax in the shade and enjoy our books. On a perfect hot, lazy summer afternoon. Pretty quiet here just the way we like it. Doesn't get much better than this!
lots of trailers down in the valley, last place to fill up
     We did chat with a couple people here and there and opted out of "Happy Hour" today, in favour of enjoying our books and each others company for a change. Something we really enjoy too.
      Then fire up our Weber Q earlier than we have been doing, to grill a huge Turkey breast I picked up on sale. Grilled another jalepeno pepper and enjoyed a large salad with some of our pasta salad to go with it. Lotsa leftovers we will have.
perfectly grilled turkey breast
did the triuck again, so tasty
      That was the beginning of our great weekend here, hope yours was wonderful too.
      Did I say thanks for stopping by? If not "Thanks for stopping by"

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. Nice photos and I, too, love the open markets. I'm so glad that they've become so popular in the US. When I'd visited Europe many, many years ago that was one thing I thought they had all over us. I particularly enjoy the outdoor markets in the evening here in hot California as the sun gets lower in the sky and there's plenty of shady spots to avoid the late afternoon heat - and all those cool drinks and ice cream and . . .

    1. We love the outdoor markets too. Look for them all over North America, one of our favourite outings.

  2. Some days you have to take a steep back from being a social butterfly and relax. I hope I get one of those days soon! ;c)

    1. WE enjoy visiting but sometimes nice to just take it easy and do nothing.

  3. I do love a good farmers market and that one looks great! Yummy.....fresh strawberries!
    Glad you had a nice quiet start to the holiday weekend there.....enjoy!

  4. You sure seem to find great markets to visit. I know there are some around here but yours look bigger and better. The problem with RV park over the holidays is that they are always full with lots of people around. Finding a spot to stay can be difficult. Our big weekend is coming up and that's what we're of.

    1. We like to search for good markets, something we both enjoy.
      Rv parks can be busy in the summer on long weekends, but usually only a couple days, then its quiet again.

  5. Happy Canada day! I've never seen that much traffic going through Bridgenorth, but I suppose we've never gone through there on a Canada Day weekend. Wow.

    1. Thanks Bob!
      The long weekends up here it cottage country can be very busy with lots of traffic.
      We have been coming this way for years, and just learn to accept it and not travel much in it.

  6. Hope you two have a wonderful and very long Canada weekend. Happy Canada day!

  7. Happy Canada Day George and Suzie! It has been and is perfect weather! I picked some great holiday days too. You can't sell me on your pasta salad, but last night I bbq'd up the best tasting ribs and corn on the cob on our home bbq and man oh man they were delish!! I didn't have sauerkraut so my base was salsa. It worked! Thanks for all your recipes, I rely on them a lot. Enjoy the remainder of the festivities on this long weekend.

    1. Thanks hope you are enjoying you holidays. Perfect weather.
      Not everybody like pasta salad, but it is refreshing, with the oilve oil, vinegar, cucumbers, tomatoes and green onions.
      Recipes for me are mostly ideas then I adjust to our liking or what we have on hand.
      Have too much fun.

  8. Happy Birthday to Canada and looks like you are off to a good start for your long weekend.

  9. Thanks, we sure are off to a great start and getting better every day too!


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