Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yippee! we havin' a heat wave....., storm warning too!

Where are we today ? 
       Well here it is finally the heat wave we have been waiting for so will take full advantage of it. Love this hot weather, only going to last a few days thou and and back down to cooler but comfortable temperatures.
screen shot at 9:05am
last night's sunset
        Up early as usual enjoying this summer time weather. A few walkabouts then a quick trip to town, pick up a couple kaiser buns for supper, and 3 cobs of corn, only .50 cents.
        Then another walkabout and stopped by Mike and Trish's trailer to visit with her Mom and Dad. They came in last night for a couple days on their 53rd wedding anniversary camping tour with their Class C motorhome. So nice to see them again and catch up, first time this year. After a while its soon time to head home for a light lunch, don't want to wear out our welcome.
Suzie with Trish's Father and another dog     
        Got lunch done and with such a wonderful day figured it was time to service our house batteries. Just two six volt deep cycle. So removed the cables and batteries, cleaned them all up, polish the terminals and cables. Top up with distilled water (only took 1 cup each) and reinstall. I do this 2-3 times a year and the last ones lasted over 7 years.
batteries all cleaned up and ready to re-install
        Most of my work done for the day so can relax in the shade, with a nice breeze for a while enjoying our books. Until its time to fire up our Weber and grill and couple chicken burgers with bacon and the three cobs of corn wrapped in foil for a tasty, early light supper.
Bob came by and cut most of our grass.
Thanks Bob
        The early supper was put on hold for a while, because of severe weather warnings. We were advised by management to roll up our awnings, secure things and head to the clubhouse. Well most people did that and we just hung out on the porch, but the storm apparently passed north west of here in a short period of time (thats good). But we did get to hang out at the clubhouse for a bit, chat with people and watch the storm pass us by. Kind of an informal "happy (social) hour".
storm coming in
hanging out at the clubhouse
        Back home fired up our Weber, umbrella in hand and grilled the corn, chicken burgers and some bacon for the burgers. A tasty filling supper was had. The corn was not the best but then again where do you get good corn at this time of year in Ontario?
gotta cook supper, rain or shine
nicely cooking
really hit the spot
          Then time to hit the rec. hall and play darts with a bunch here, first time this year and always a fun time.
Suzie in good form
          Darts done and Suzie's team came in second place walked away with a whopping $2.00 prize but we sure had a lot of fun.
         On the way home got invited to a campfire so stopped by neighbor Rob's for a while, enjoyed a nice campfire and conversation, people always dropping by too. Now time to head home, finish up posting our blog and call it another awesome day!

        Comment from yesterday about cleaning the Weber grill form Contessa.
        " But then you have to clean the grill itself! Now that is a chore."
        Cleaning my Weber Q is not a chore because preheating 15 minutes or so burns all the stuff away and a quick brush makes it good to go. In three years I have only once cleaned the grill and was not much of a job at all.

        Want to thank y'all for stopping in and enjoying this awesome day with us again, hope yours was good too. Sure glad we have no mosquitoes here!

 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. You are getting good life out of your batteries! Pays to take care of them.

    1. It sure does, pay to maintain everything for reliable service.

  2. Glad the storm blew over. We've had heavy winds here in SD too.

  3. Suzie is like me and likes to get her doggie fix.


  4. That was a nasty looking storm cloud, glad it missed you.

    Every time I read your blog I seem to learn something new about the Weber Q. This time it's grilling bacon on the grill! I'd never even considered that.

    I agree about cleaning the Weber too - it's simple and even easier the more you use it.

    1. I am not afraid to try almost anything on my Weber.

  5. Your living my dream. Actually my hubbys dream too. Now if only he would retire, then we could be traveling in an RV too. Meanwhile we are weekend travelers. Our goal this summer is to go to a different Civil War battlefield every couple of weeks. So far this month we've been to five between Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

    1. The nice thing about fulltime rving is, no house to worry about and expenses, and you never have to go back home, (save a lot on fuel). Just keep on touring. Don't wait too long to retire, get too old too soon, we see it all the time.
      Keep that dream going and make it happen!

  6. So do the bacon right on the grill?!....last time we used a griddle. This would be so much easier. My husband thinks we needs to clean it regularly...I'm going to pass on the tip that it's not that necessary. As for a grill cleaning brush...did you catch the news of the young man who had to have emergency surgery for eating a bristle. Might want to make sure you brush is in good shape...we just brought a new one :O)

    1. Every few days I just lift the grill up and shove all the excess "stuff" into the grill pan, works for me.
      Yes, always careful with the grill brush. When I preheat the grill most everything burns off anyway, and sterilizes it as well.

  7. I knew if I kept trying you would actually get our nice weather. Keep on enjoying the good life.

    1. Thats for sure we just love this lifestyle, thats for sure.

  8. Thanks for the answer. Maybe next time we are in the neighborhood you can demonstrate:))


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