Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Great weather and I volunteered for some fun "WORK"

Where are we today ?
         Wonderful morning, nice sunrise, warm temperatures and all is good! After all my computing, a pot of coffee and my walkabouts headed over to the office and checked out the "project" I was asked to to do and volunteered for. I could have been paid if I wanted but choose to volunteer my time. In the long run it pays off.
         An easy project, sand down the wood on the three benches that sit outside the office. So Bob and I loaded them on a trailer and moved into the "Shop".  A sander and sandpaper available I set to work. The project went quickly, sanding, staining and cleanup all done in time for me to head back home for lunch All done.
sanding done
staining done
         Now my volunteer project is completed, lunch done and head out to the local store 3 minutes away. Passing the blossoms on the trees , they are so beautiful to see at this time of year. Not sure what is what but we have cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, pears and peaches in this area. Looks good for this year. Last year all the crops were lost due to a late frost and the farmers had to actually go out and find work elsewhere to survive!
          After lunch just puttered around with a few minor projects then we got to read in the sun and shade enjoying our books for a while. Before we know it, social  (happy) hour with our friends while I fired up the Weber to precook our pork ribs in a pan and foil with some spices.
           Then soon time to pop the ribs on the grill with some tasty, sticky spicey sauce, cook up some fettuccine noodles we purchased in Texas.
Our Weber does an amazing job!
tasty ribs hit the spot
         We had more fun in the sun here and bit of "volunteer work", relax in the shade enjoying our books and a nice visit with friends, we  manage to run into on our travels. Gotta love this lifestyle!
        Hey thanks for stopping by once again, everybody welcome at our site anytime.
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  1. Work is a 4 letter word - you did a nice job.
    Love the tree blossoms

    1. I was told "Work" in quotations is not a four letter word anymore.

  2. I think volunteering is a win-win situation. Those receiving are appreciative and those that complete the job feel the joy of giving back. Wonderful job.

    1. Yep you said it, especially when it is something I enjoy.

  3. Those ribs look amazing!!! You certainly do a great job on that bbq.

  4. You did a great job on the benches and on taking those wonderful blossom shots.

    1. Thanks "C" just enjoying the great weather here.


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