Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunshine, warm weather and the Pinery Flea Market in Grand Bend Ontario.

Where are we today ?
        Slept in this morning until 5 am, a little late for for me but still got what I wanted to do done. Coffees, computing, walkabouts and fresh air, still really enjoying the mornings that I love.
campers here with tents and tent trailers
motorcycle with a golden retriever in the trailer
         Then at 10 am we headed out to the Pinery Flea Market in Grand Bend with our friends Emile and Monique. This is the markets's first weekend of the season and the weather could not have been any better. 22c (mid 70's f) and sunny. Sunday's only and just a nice outing to wander about chat with the vendors in the bush, enjoying the fresh air. Always something new to see.
lots of fresh produce
Rhino head
Good entertainment
not too crowded, but busy
fresh baked goodies
         Our favourite book vendor is back again, (John) we exchanged 12 paperbacks for 8 free new books we have not read. Good deal here. Picked a small order of fresh cut fries to nibble on while browsing. Then my favourite vendor with some extra hot pepperettes, oh soo good! Also grabbed a head of lettuce, a monster sweet potato and a couple of fresh tomatos.
John's books 
kiddie rides, love the ferris wheel
antique truck inside
Suzie found a cute dog to play with too !
        Then back home grab a bite to eat for lunch, fresh tulips and daffodils in the campground, so colorful!
         Then we had a chance to relax in the warm afternoon sunshine for a while and enjoy our books. Before we know it, Happy hour.
         Just the four of us Suzie, me, Emile and Monique. Compare more travel notes and a small carrot cake for Monique's birthday today!  Oh so tasty too. Happy Birthday Monique(29 again) !
almost got the letters for her name on the cake
make a wish
       Fun and laughter then time to fire up our Weber, baked 1/2 of our HUGE sweet potato, grilled a couple boneless pork chops, steamed brocoli and a small salad for a tasty supper.
        Then a walkabout after supper, chat with a few people, read for a bit, post the blog, turn on the tube and our day is done!
         Such is the great life of an rve'r.
        Thanks for stopping by for another peak hope y'all had a great day!
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  1. Love the tulips and daffodils. Sounds like you had a nice day.

  2. you consider 5AM sleeping in?

    1. Most morning I am up around 4:30.

    2. Is that because of all the years of getting up for the restaurant?

    3. That, and I only require 6-7 hours sleep a night then am wide awake!
      When I worked until 2 am afternoons after the restaurant I was awake by 8 am everyday.
      Thats just what I do , sometimes wish I could sleep longer, but does not work.
      Npo matter still love the mornings!

  3. Certainly a great day for a Market.

    1. It was so, you ride you bikes to this market some sunday.

  4. 5am is a little late for you? Then, what time do you go to bed at night?

  5. Our Internet connection here in Cannonville, Utah is soooo slow! I'm trying to catch up!
    I do love the flea markets! Cute ferris wheel ride!

    The tulips are beautiful! So glad you are having nice weather and friends to spend time with!

    1. Slow internet can be so frustrating, but still better than none!
      Love the spring time flowers here too.

  6. Getting up at 4:30am is a little early for me - I'm awake at 6am usually and up by 7. What in the heck is that Rhino head doing in that store?

    1. I have always been and early riser., Sometimes wish I could sleep later.
      Rhino head, also a Hammer head shark, al kinds of stuff here, never know what you will find.
      Always interesting everytime we come here.


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