Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, May 17, 2013

People arriving all day here for the long weekend, with pretty nice weather too.

Where are we today ?

         Such a beautiful morning, sunshine, almost warm and lots of activity around. The campground has been filling up since late yesterday and lots of children about having a great time. 
camping in the orchard
the valley is closed, working on the electrical service
more people coming in
our site beside the cabin
we are in the square and all sites are taken
        By late afternoon the electrical problem has been repaired in the valley so now these sites are open, good thing, they will need them for this long weekend.
        We had sunshine and clouds for most of the day with temperatures in the mid 60's f (17c) so not too bad when the sun was shinning. But we enjoyed it for quite a while getting caught up a bit reading our books. Couple people stopped to say hello and was a great day, listening to the kids having fun and now (with my new hearing aides) I can even hear the birds making way too much noise, (not used to that yet). But I think I can put up with that.
         Got a message from Rick Doyle about a Google +  hangout we are going to do on Monday. And was invited to do a test hangout with him. This is such a cool program. I actually talked to Rick in real time video and he showed me a few features of this great program Monday there will be nine or ten of us bloggers going into a hangout to discuss and learn all about this up and coming social network from Google. At first did not like it but it does has some very promising features.
         Soon time to fire up our Weber for supper. Tonight I marinated a small pork roast, with olive oil, and a few spices. Plopped it on the preheated grates of our Weber at a nice low setting for about 50  minutes Then added some potato slices marinated with olive oil and a vegetable spice and a can of corn. Apple wood chips in the foil.
preheat the grill 15 minutes turn down low and drop the pork roast
on the grill closing the lid 50 minutes,
then add the taters and corn for another 20 minutes
pork roast done perfect at 155-160 f
add some broccoli, and apple sauce, so good
       Supper done but before we can relax a walkabout the resort. Lots more people here now so it was a slow walk stopping to chat here and there for a couple hours, many more people and dogs we have not seen since last year. Nice to see the campground so busy kids, dogs and campfires everywhere a cool evening and start a slight trace of rain not enough to spoil the night for this friday night of the first big camping weekend of the year.
        Have to get used to this nice weather and later nights outside, makes me much later posting the blog.
hi Suzie pet me please
Maggie dancing for us
         Just happened to notice to day the we have a few new followers. I am not very good at watching this stuff so forgive me if I missed you. Below is four that jumped out at me that I now were not there before.

         Now we would like to welcome aboard these new followers and thank them for joining up and checking us out.        Pam and Vic of  Travelin' in the Big EZ  there is so many new adventures our there for you. 

        A very young couple Emily and Dave of  Emily and Dave adventures Planning a round the world adventure. Should be amazing to follow these young people.

        Shoeless Joe follow his Blog Travelin' with John. 

        Bea with three interesting blogs click HERE, who we meet at the BLM land in Holtville California with her spouse Peter in January 2012.
        Thanks again for stopping in and joining a wonderful day with us.
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  1. Certainly is nice to see some nice weather heading our way again for the long weekend. Our camp is filling up as well with the weekend warriors. Hope to catch you on the Google hangout on Monday! I will be there.

    1. The weather will be close to perfect.

      Yep will be fun on Monday to meet everybody and have Rick teach us some new things.

  2. It was fun seeing and talking to you this morning George! I really enjoyed our talk.

    Another great looking Weber Q dinner. Good idea of just putting a tin of corn right on the grill!

    1. Same here Rick nice to actually talk to you in person.
      Remember to open the lid on the can thou.

  3. Nice weather brings out the crowds and especially on a holiday weekend. It sounds like it's going to be a very busy one.

    1. This is always a very busy for us here. Lotsa fun.

  4. I wish I could participate in the conference. We only have 5G/month and it would take a ton of that just for the call. Enjoy. I look forward to hearing what you learned.

    1. We only have 5 G a month too, we are billed at the end of the month for extra usuage at $10.00 per gig.

  5. The park looks so pretty with all the grass and tall shade trees! Glad the weather is warming up!

    Supper looks yummy as always!


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