Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Hanging out enjoying more awesome weather.

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario
         We don't have lot of exciting stuff to blog about lately, but going to post anyway. Why? Because once I stop posting the blog get lazy and forget, the days go by and then it becomes overwhelming and just can't do it anymore. This is what we do, living this lifestyle. 
         Sunshine warm temps (about 22c (70f) but a cool south wind and all is good today! What more can we ask for?
         Today is a cleanup day at the resort, volunteers do lotsa work and in return they get coffees, donuts, soup for lunch and hamburgs and hotdogs for dinner. We have done this before and choose not to participate this year. Got a lawn mower and cut the grass on our site and a neighbors too.   
          Chat with other people and actually had time to read our books for a while. "AWESOME".
Buds on the trees
cherry blossoms in the Orchards
entrance to our resort
        Then late afternoon had our Happy, (Social Hour) about 4 o'clock. Seven of us gather around tell stories, compare notes, tell lies and have a few laughs. 5 o'clock, everybody heads home, we fire up our Weber Q-100 put some taters in foil with onions on the grill, some boneless, skinless, marinated chicken thighs for super. Added a tossed salad, and steamed broccoli, for a wonderful supper tonight.
tasty moist chicken thighs
Our Weber Q-100 does a wonderful job again
          Amazing what you can cook on this excellent grill and it always turns out perfect. 
          Then after supper we enjoyed reading outside for a while, chat with a few other campers then just call it a night. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, socializing with friends and a good meal makes for a great day.
          Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a great day too!
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  1. Oh how I love the cherry blossoms. Spring is in the air and that means summer is just around the corner. Love it!

    Looks like another day of enjoying the good life!

  2. Those chicken thighs look delicious! Please share what you used for a marinade!!


    1. I use the Swiss Chalet Marinade mix that you can buy in Canadian Grocery stores .
      Or a recipe on line with a lot of ingredients to make your own.

  3. It seems when we're sitting still I have little blog about too. Sometimes my blogs come every day but lately about 2 or 3 times a week instead.

    1. Yes I hear you, thats why I started years ago, posting a picture of our main meal of the day, and it just kinda caught on.
      If not much else this is what I created for supper.
      Parents and relatives like to read the blog everyday to see what we are up to.

  4. Nice to have the choice of volunteering or not and not feel pressured into it. Enjoy the beauty of your days.

    1. No pressure just volunteers and usually lots anyway, so if we don't feel the urge, no big deal.


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