Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awesome weather, Doc says I am still alive, new hearing aides, more company and a big supper tonight, whew, we had a busy day.

Where are we today ?
         Much warmer last night and a bright sunny day today, I think the cold weather is now behind us. I have a doctors' appointment in Kitchener at 10 am this morning so we are on the go. Doc says I am upright and breathing so that's good news. Then at 11:30 pick up my new hearing aides. Supplied every 5 years by Worker's Compensation. 
         Wow are these ever nice! State of the art, new technology. I can hear again almost as good as new! Never as good as your own hearing but certainly better than not. Its really too bad that years ago we were not made aware of hearing protection when working in a noisy environment. 
         We also purchased a special little gizmo (not covered by WSIB) and some hearing specialists call it a "Wife Saver".  It can be very frustrating for myself and my wife when we cannot communicate , especially in the car and Rv when travelling. With road noise etc, I cannot understand what she is saying, directions and such. This gizmo is a tiny microphone that she can clip on her blouse and when she is talking I can hear her directly into my hearing aides (bluetooth technology), way too cool! She does not have to shout, I can hear her, (she can whisper in my ear from a distance!) and I can even usually understand her too.  It works when she is in another room too. Sure helps us out a lot. (ps: I can also turn it off too if I don't want to listen to her). Love modern technology! We tried it out on the way back to New Hamburg and works awesome!
           Stopped by her mom and dad's place for a visit then back to the farm. Suzie got to sit outside with Sandy and our great Nephew Ben in the sun and out of the wind for while this afternoon too.
outside on the lawn
then she watched Ben for a bit while we did stuff
        Our plan for supper tonight, our last night here, was to grill a few pork chops for the 4 of us. As I am prepping supper all, of a sudden we find out Dennis is on the field planting crops, Suzie's Dad is needed to drive tractor, Ben's mom and Dad are coming by later to pick up Ben so I pealed more taters, added more veggies, made a bigger salad, and cooked up some garlic sausage to add to the feast.
second round on the Weber tonight
         No problem easy peasy, now have enough food for 8 adults and Ben too. Suzie's mom brought along some carrot cake that she had made, some melon I cut up that ma gave us and we all had full tummies and a great supper to boot.
lotsa food
sure hit the spot
carrot cake and melon for desert
        After supper I packed up our Weber, worked on the blog, Dennis and his Dad back on the fields, Ben and his mommy and daddy went home , Sandy, Suzie and her mom cleaned up the kitchen and everyone had a great day. Such is the busy life on the farm. Gonna miss our visits here. We are done our appointments here and off again in the morning to Rock Glen Resort in Arkona for a few weeks, just in time for the Victoria Day long weekend, in a couple days.
        That was our awesome day with much warmer weather, got our appointments out of the way, and enjoyed more family time. Thanks for stopping by again, hope you had a great day too!
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  1. Great news about your new hearing aids. So glad you can hear again and how wonderful to hear Suzie whispering sweet nothing in you ear.

    Sounds like a hectic last evening, glad you kept it all together for everyone.

    1. Wasn't just me, was a team effort, and great time was had by all.

  2. Really glad to hear that the Doc says you're alive. Otherwise we'd wondering who was writing this blog!!

  3. Those two sausages on the weber are really looking HUGE ...and yummy.

  4. What a

    Great news about the hearing aide. When Paul and I taught high school, we had several students that had hearing issues. We wore a mic and it helped the students hear us also. Wonderful invention.

  5. That's great news about the hearing aids, pretty amazing stuff.

    Good looking sausages, I may have to try those.

  6. The sausage is good to on the grill, go for it!

  7. Well the new hearing aids sound pretty nifty, especially the wife saver part. Time is flying can't believe it is already time to move again. Dinner looked and sounded great.

    1. The aides are awesome, we just love when its time to move on again.

  8. I'm glad to hear you're still alive .. that's great news. That hearing aid thingy is amazing.

  9. at it's finest! Enjoy the long weekend!


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