Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pinery Flea market, Sylvan's Foremost Bookstore and Hungry Hollow for a nice Sunday drive.

Where are we today ?

         Late night last we got home after 10 pm from the dance, but hey we had and awesome time, dancing the night away and chatting with new and old friends. Just love when we can have a function in our resorts, have a couple "adult drinks" and not worry about driving home.
         Sunday of the long weekend is a great time to head out to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand Bend. As followers know we love  going here for a Sunday outing. And this weekend here it will be a ZOO. Hoards of people and a lot more vendors and a lot more to checkout. So we head out shortly after 9 am and will beat the crowds and we did pretty good. Got thru the vendors enjoyed the perfect weather and picked up a few good deals. A Cranberry Orange loaf, and couple cobs of fresh corn for supper, looks real good even thou it came from Georgia.
parking lots getting full at 9:30
fresh produce
          Saw some old radios here with knobs perfect for Al of the Bayfield Bunch.
almost every thing you want you can get here
need a Fedora? only 10 bucks
flute player
Motorcycle parking
          Police directing traffic so we can exit onto highway 21.
lotsa Motorcycles here
        Then heading back to camp we drive thru Sylvan to check out the Bookstore. Lotsa  books and great deals only $1.00 each. Now he said he is definitely closing the store Labor Day Weekend this year. So we will be stocking up before then. He is open Fri, Sat, Sun and holidays from 11am until about 4 pm.
a great selection
we did pick up 10 good books for ten dollars
        Then back country roads thru Hungry Hollow to Rock Glen Resort and home for the time being.
        A wonderful hot summer day, temps about 86f (30c) but we have a nice shady spot to enjoy our books and chat with a few neighbors as well.
         Then time to fire up our Weber Q-100 to grill a couple potatoes in foil with onions, some awesome garlic farmer's sausage and the two cobs of corn we picked up at the market. I heated the corn wrapped in foil for about 15 minutes then another 10-15 minutes elevated  to keep it warm and tender.
add a small salad, hit the spot
        I tried a Google + hangout with Allen Duguay (fellow Blogger) but our slow internet connection today it only lasted a few minutes. Was nice to actually chat with him face to face for a short while thou. Hopefully our internet will be better tomorrow for our hangout with Rick Doyle and a bunch of fellow bloggers.
        With the late sunsets now we were able to read until after 8:30 tonight outside then had a nice cozy campfire for a while as a few people walked by chatting for a while. It was such a wonderful warm evening.        Want to thank y'all for stopping in for a peak on this awesome summer like day on this Victoria Day long Weekend.
        Posted by the "Weber Q man of Blogland" acoeding to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Looks like a great market over T Grand Bend...will have to check it out some day.

  2. Cranberry Orange loaf sounds delicious.

    We enjoy visiting flea markets also. The beer holders are a hoot.

    $1/book...great buy.

    1. The loaf is excellent, Beer holders fun and love book deals!

  3. Love the Redneck Beer Holder! I'm sure those would be a hit in Georgia! We love meandering through flea markets...a great way to spend a few hours!

  4. WOW! looked like a nice size Flea Market to visit. I always enjoy visiting them. The book store seemed to have a nice collection of books to browse through also. Can't wait to get my fill of sausage this summer, but for the time being I can enjoy your pictures and dream! Another delicious looking Weber dinner, now I have to try and cook my corn your way. See you later in the HangOut.

    1. Can do about everything on the Weber.
      Soon you cab get your sausage.
      See you too at the hangout.

  5. I love to go to those flea markets. You never know what you can find. Used bookstores are best. It has to be a pretty special book to get me to buy a new one.

    1. Flea markets and used books stores love them.
      New books not likely when we read 3-4 books a week.

  6. You have warmer weather than we do here in S. Dakota. We're getting the high winds and cool temps from the tornados that hit the south and mid-west regions. I love hitting the flea markets and that looks like a good one.

    1. You sure would love this one,stop by sometime!

  7. George, I think the green fedora would look real good on you :). Glad you continue to have fun and by the way I thinks Rick's name for you is perfect!

    1. I kinda like the green one too, but not ready to get rid of one of my others yet.
      We always have.


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