Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Relocating, and another fun busy day.

Where are we today ?

        Last night was great weather, mild and getting close to summertime. We had an awesome sunset for our last night here at the farm, just to make everything perfect.
        This morning we secure our coach and "On The Road again" heading back to Rock Glen resort for our Canadian Long Weekend (May 24, Victoria Day). The official start of the summer camping season and a Huge Party time for all them youg'uns out there.(Maybe a few of us old folks too!).
        First thing this morning a quick country drive into Plattsville, check out lottery tickets, "sorry not a winner". Chat with a few of the local guys then back to secure our coach to travel.
nice drive to town
nice view of the farm
        All ready to hit the road by 9am and another wonderful country drive to Arkona only 90 minutes away. got lucky and were able to set up on our favourite site. All sites here are first come, first served, makes it fare for everyone.
fields all planted
here we are our home membership park
        All set up on time for a quick bite for lunch. Gonna be here for three weeks now, just because we can.
a wonderful spot
        Arrived at Rock Glen Resort about 10:30 after topping up our propane tank in town. A few people dropped in to say hello and chat for a bit. Mary was the first, then Rich and Marylou. Have not seen these people since last summer.
Rich and Marylou
        Now while trying to chat the Tree service was here trimming and dropping some old trees that needed to be taken care of. The noise was very loud, and watching them was fascinating. These guys have all the proper equipment and really know their stuff.
getting ready to drop this tree
in short order was all rimmed and cleaned up
        We got to relax with our books for a few minutes. I marinated 1/2 a chicken to put on the grill for supper.
         While the chicken was  marinating another couple stopped in to chat for a while, quizz us about fulltime rving. And of course we could talk for days about that. They had so many questions that we tried to answer for them. Hope it helps.
Carolyn and Barry
         Soon time to fire up our Weber Q 100, threw on our 1/2 marinated chicken and a couple baked potatoes, apple wood chips in foil at the back smell pretty good and add extra flavor.
         While this was cooking Another Rv friend (Gord) stopped in to say hello and chat for a bit until our supper was done.
almost done
Added a tossed salad and brocoli really hit the spot
        Then after Suzie cleaned up a few dishes we tried to relax outside for a bit but found it just a bit too chilly. Inside now for the night, then Mike, Trish, Jordan and Maggie dropped in for a visit. Nice to see these guys again too. Just chatting, catching up and all that stuff. Then its time to wrap up our Blog very late tonight (for me) but it was a fun day. maybe I can even sleep in until maybe 6 am tomorrow!
Suzie and Maggie 
Maggie and Jordan
        That was it for a wonderful sunny day, moving to a new location and settling in for the Canadian Long weekend.
          Thanks for stopping by for a peak! And hope you had a great day too!
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  1. Now that was a great day! Enjoy your 3 weeks with friends and family.

  2. Looks like a lovely spot.

    That little Maggie is a cutie.

  3. We haven't used the applewood chips yet in our smoker but we plan too. We also want to try the maple ones.

    1. Gotta love that smoker, sure looks like you are having fun with it. Trying different wood chips should make a difference.

  4. Looks like you had a lot of visitors for your first day back.

    Dinner looked great and I got a few tips to boot. I'll have to pick up some of that Swiss Chalet marinade. As for the apple chips wrapped in tin foil, I thought I saw a few holes poked in the foil to let the aroma out, is that right?

    1. Lotsa company for sure, a busy weekend here.
      Yes you can buy a fancy smoker box or just wrap in foil and poke a few holes in it.

  5. Glad to see you settled in for the next three weeks. Lots of company for sure and the official weekend hasn't even begun!

    1. Park getting pretty full. Three weeks is almost too long in one place, but is a bonus of our membership program.


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