Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Busy doing stuff and visiting too.

Where are we today ?

        Gotta love waking up to a wonderful sunrise and a short while after look at the view out our windows.
windshield view
livining room window view
        Morning sunshine on our patio is amazing too. Then dropped by to say goodbye (see ya later) to Jim and Linda just packing up and heading a few miles down the road to their summer campsite.
Suzie and Linda chatting
nice looking coach and trailer
         Now they all gone and it is a wonderful day. I can now wash our coach.  Just love doing that , so hose, brush and bucket out , got to work doing my stuff.
          Gotta pay for a ten dollar permit so want to get our moneys worth. Wash the roof and sides and all is looking good. Amazing how well that Meguiar's wax holds up (Rick).
looks pretty shiny still
        Almost done and  more friends show up this afternoon. Emile and Monique on their way back from the sunny south. Have nt seen them since last December at Styx River Resort (Robertsale Alabama).
         Now we get to chat for a while and catch up and decide maybe go out for supper at a Pub not too far away, near Port Franks.We have heard they have pretty good food. So Grogs Pub and Grill it is. 
Emile and Monique
        The service is great and the food excellent with pretty decent prices as well. Large portions , very tasty.
Excellent chowder we shared
tasty wings and fries
yummy fish and chips
         Then back home to relax for a while and chat some more, a few other neighbors dropped by then time to head inside.
Me Suzie , Monique and Emile
         Thanks for stopping by again. There ya go does not take much to keep us retired people busy. Oh and we had a fantsastic day too!
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. Just another ordinary day of enjoying the good life.

  2. It's amazing how busy we can be. Having other RVs to share a meal with is what makes the day.

    1. Always some thing to do and the days just fly by

  3. I just finished the polishing and waxing on our rig using Meguiar's so I'm glad to hear it holds up well. Your rig does look nice and shiny so that's good!

    1. So easy to use and it lasts, have used it for about three years too.

  4. I see more and more green on your trees in the photos.


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