Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Awesome sunny warm day having lotsa fun !

Where are we today ?

         Another great day! Sunshine and we are upright and breathing, gotta love this life (only one I have). Kids and dogs playing, lotsa stuff going on here. To the store for a few things and a short walkabout the resort this morning. Once again did not go too far but sure talked to a lot of people, new and old friends. 
         We finally ended up at the clubhouse about 11:30 for the BBQ lunch they cook up. We opted for a sausage on a bun for me, and a burger for Suzie, all the fixings with chips and a drink $7:00. Not too bad a price to fill out tummies, (its a fundraiser) but the best part is to socialize with a lot more people here in the clubhouse.
line up for lunch
        After a bite for lunch walkabout a bit more, visit a bit more then head home. I ran out and picked up a huge trunk load of firewood. All I could squeeze in for $8.00.
firewood, I already took out a dozen pieces 
         We have been purging stuff and years worth of paper work. So a good excuse to make a nice campfire for the afternoon.
nice fire going
        Suzie started the fire, got the wood going and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon reading around the campfire. A fellow camper stopped by to check out his satellite dish (could not get his workin) so I grabbed by tester and went to see what I could do. Changed a few hookups plumbed the dish and got them a good signal. Easy/peasy, now they are happy and I helped our another camper, feels good!
         Back to the campfire for a bit then, fire up our Weber to grill a couple lean chicken burgers and a mess of homemade french fries in our fry daddy.
watching the kids in the playground across from us
chicken burger and fries ready to go
Yummy Supper
        Supper done, we relaxed outside for a bit with our books, and the first wagon ride of the year for the kids at 7 pm. Always a favorite for the kids, two full wagons tonight.
        Following that we headed to the clubhouse for a free dance with the live band the Persuaders. Not too bad and we did get quite a bit on dancing in before heading back home shortly after 10 o'clock.  Everybody had a great time just a boogying about, adults and children alike.
Lotsa dancing fun
        Then time to come home. post the Blog if our interent is working, very slow with all the people here in the park.

        Yesterday I had a Google hangout with Rick and here is a quote from his posting yesterday. Looks Like he has named me "The  Weber Q man of Blogland" for all to cooking that I do on our Weber Q-100.
 A quote from Ricks Blog, thanks for the new handle!
        It was fun yesterday morning to actually have a live video ‘Hangout’ with George (Our Awesome Travels) – aka the ‘Weber Q Man of Blogland’!
We had a great face to face chat just like we were sitting together in one of our RV’s.  I had sent out an email to the participants of the Hangout we have scheduled for this Monday to see if anyone wanted to test their connection. 
Just a few minutes later, there was George’s smiling face right on my big 22” computer screen. Thanks for calling, George, I enjoyed our conversation and I’m looking forward to seeing you again this Monday.

       Anywho it was another fun busy day of more, glad you dropped in for a visit.

Posted by the "Weber Q Man of Blogland" according to Rick.
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  1. We've used the Google Hangout with our daughter. We found that it works quite well, in fact sometimes the quality is even better than on skype.


  2. That's pretty cool that you had a visit with Rick.....face to face!

    I like your new sure know how to cook up some good looking meals on that Q.

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Yep it sure was fun, just love cookin on our Q,

  3. I guess we're never too old to learn new tricks. Looks like you had a good day to go with it.

  4. How appropriate "The Weber Q Man of Blogland" I use ooVoo for video chatting. I'll have to see if I can find Google Hangout.

    1. Just go to your Google + account and its there real neat!


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