Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rainy day and a fun, useful project.

Where are we today ? 

        We would like to welcome aboard, as follower number 98 "Billy Bob", click here to check out his funny, entertaining blog.
Below is the comment he made yesterday.
"Yeee Haw.....the old Billy Bob is here. I might be slow, but I do finally git to where I was go'n. Sorry it took me so long to "follow" your wonderful blog. I'm think'n I'm gonna like it here." 

        So today we are just gonna have cool, cloudy and rainy weather. I don't mind these days too much cause I can do other stuff. Walkabouts and all those things. I found the Canada Geese up by the pond this morning with their baby chicks just kinda hanging out in the pond.
remember the nesting a month ago?
The Goose family is doing just fine here
         Now today was a rainy, kinda yucky day, but I have a project in mind. Yesterday after moving the garden shed Joe gave me a peace of aluminum that I has a use for. Need to make myself a wind screen for our Weber Q-100. So borrowed a few tools, cut the sheet, formed what I wanted. Then installed a couple hinges so that it folds flat and a couple supports to hold things together. So easy, and with the free sheeting put everything together for about seven dollars total.
wind screen done
ready to cook soon
       Now chores done got to read outside for a bit, under our awning with the heavy rain coming down.
yep its raining
        Now to try out the wind shield, Fire up our Weber Q, add an Acorn Squash with butter and brown sugar, potatoes in foil with onions, and grill a 1/2 chicken.
got a deal on the squash
our Weber at work., low and slow
chicken, taters, squash and cauliflower with cheese
awesome supper.
        Then after supper Jordan dropped by walking three dogs to say hi. Yep she had her hands full, for sure.
        Short while later Mike and Trish dropped in for a visit, then time for us to call it a night.
But a small treat tonight, Suzie craving a tiny peace of cheesecake with some fresh raspberries.
thats it we done.
          Supper done, day is done, me is done.
          Gotta go now, past my bedtime.
          Good night, thanks for stopping in see ya'll tomorrow!

 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. The wind screen is brilliant. I've had our Weber blow out a couple times when on low and there's a wind coming across the back of the house. Have to keep an eye on it.

  2. That should help in keeping the wind off the Q. Lots of rain here today as well.

  3. Good idea making a wind screen for the Weber out of the old sheeting. Looks like it will work like a charm.


  4. I have to agree that you definitely are The Weber Q Man of Blogland! Everything you fix looks yummy.

    1. Thanks, it helps that I still love cooking, and eating too.

  5. I have seen those wind screens at Camping World. You just saved yourself some bucks...good job!

    Suzie and I would get along just fine. I had a craving for ice cream last night.

    1. I have seen them around, but too expensive for me, so just made my own.

  6. Nice job on the windscreen, George. I guess I'll have to look around for some old sheet metal to make one for myself.

    Great looking dinner - low and slow it is as I learn more about the Weber Q.

    1. Easy to do and folds flat, like free stuff too.
      Keep on grilling!

  7. Billy Bob is a hoot!

    25 cents for that acorn squash!! Amazing. So how long was it in the BBQ?

    1. Like this local store , if it statrs to not look fresh they sell it real cheap. Large cauliflower the other day .95 cents.
      Maybe 15-20 minutes on the Weber until cooked tender but not burnt. Low and slow.


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