Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tues. Mar. 1st. Rockport/Fulton Texas

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
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       Another great morning, sunshine, warm, good coffee and Bill drops by for a chat and we attempt some computing. All the internet here is very slow here so anything we want to do takes forever it seems. Posting this Blog takes usually 15 to 30 minutes or so the last few days more like a few hours. Just a great day here walkabout, ride around the resort , chat with various people and a short excursion to the store for some stuff.
       The 32nd Annual Oysterfest is on this weekend and looks like we are going to miss it. Thurs. and Fri. nights are late but Sat and Sun all day long when all the activities happen. We are leaving here Sat. morning so will miss the best of it, maybe another time, it looks like a great celebration.

       After noon we puttered around a bit and relax in the sun and shade enjoying our books, until 4:00 pm Happy Hour (Social Hour) evolved once again. When we say Happy Hour most people think it involves alcohol, but this is not a requirement. The purpose is to get together with neighbours and chat, share stories and even establish some new friendships, anyone can join in the only requirement is to be Happy and Social.

hangin out
       Bill and Carol from Ontario had friends of theirs (Dick and Raye) that they met in Alabama a few years ago join our new neighbourhood.  Today he brought his guitar and songbook to our happy hour. We all chatted and he sang us a great selection of ballads, and entertaining songs. Lots of fun and laughs,  snacks and nibbles.
Dick and Raye
Me and Suzie
fun songs
       Everyone had a great time, lotsa laughs and before we knew it was way past supper time, but we had lotsa snacks, so we finally got home and snacked on a couple of hotdogs for quick easy meal.

       This short video clip is a funny song about trying to RV and problems with sewage disposal etc..

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  1. Good point about 'happy' hour ! Loved the video clip. Great group of people.

  2. Contessa, yes the video was a great song wish I could have got it all.

    Kevin and Ruth
    Happy Hours are fun and a great way to meet people, good thing they go late every night!


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