Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mon. Feb. 28th Port Aransas/Mustang Island Texas

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

      At 6:00am this morning there was some very strong wind gusts that came thru the resort, so we think its gonna be a nasty day.  But by 7 o'clock the wind had died down, the skies cleared, sun came up and before we know it's 80f (25c).  We had a nice visit from Bill Wilson this morning he dropped over for a coffee and we chatted and did some computing. We are always up early and Carol likes to sleep in, so no problem there.

      Then a walkabout for a while and a bite to eat we decided to take a drive over to Port Aransas and check out the beach. A nice drive to Aransas pass then out the point to take the ferry across the channel. This is part of the Texas road system and is a free ferry, they had three running today so only about a 5 minute wait. Apparently this is one of only three beach areas in the USA that you are still allowed to drive on, I wouldn't swear by it but I know I read it somewhere.
lets go to the beach
       Getting off the ferry we drove around the village for a bit, then on to the beach, 29 kms long. Here is a nice article here in the Montreal Gazette. A sign posted as we enter says the beach driving conditions today are good, then the first thing we see is a car stuck in the sand. But he had just driven right into a big sand drift, instead of around the soft sand. The warm wind was blowing so there was a bit of sand blowing and drifting around. We cruised down the beach a few miles enjoying the sunshine and smell of the ocean. Camping is allowed on the beach here so there was quite a few motorhomes, trailers and even tents scattered along the way. With sign stating a three day limit.

       Now this is winter here so not the busy season, I am surf this place would be hopping on the hot summer days, it is after all a tourist destination, with a magnificent beach, and not overdeveloped like some places we have seen. Now after our self guided sightseeing tour we drove , back home to enjoy our our yard and our books for a while. Then once again Happy Hour evolved shortly after 4 pm and a bunch of us gathered around to relax and chat for a bit, before we decided it was time to fire up our barbies and cook up some supper.

       Tonight I did potatoes w/onions, cauliflower and carrots and smoked pork chops on the BBQ for a nice tasty meal. A perfect way to end the day with a Dinner and a Movie.

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  1. I always worry about those RV's getting stuck in the sand. We've seen a few stuck at Pismo Beach, California, in the dune area!! Talk about stress!! Much as we love the beach, we'll keep our rig off the beach.

  2. Contessa, this looks ok if you watch where you are going, we got our rig stuck in The Imperial Dunes (southern California 2007) but managed to get ourselves unstuck without too much trouble.


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