Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wed. Mar. 16th, 2011 Delta Downs Racetrack and Casino

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131 miles today
today's journey
       After a great visit last night with the Amazing Vanstones, it was a bright sunny warm morning today. We said our goodbyes promising to get together this summer sometime, they were on their way kinda north and east bound and we on our way a bit south and east bound.
they are on their way
       Our  journey was almost pleasant, no interstate, just nice good paved highways, lovely scenery and great weather. At one point we stopped for a break on the side of the highway, walkabout the coach and stretch. I got back in the seat and back on the road, not even a 1/4 mile down the road I felt something on my sandaled feet, I looked down and saw aunts crawling all over then. Quickly we pulled over to side of the road jumped out of the seat and sat on our outside steps. Both my feet were covered with tiny red aunts biting and my feet were felt like they were on fire. (I assume they were fire ants) I must have unknowingly stepped on a huge aunt hill. Feet are still burning today.
nice drive
huge flag
       Well this problem resolved back on the road, stopped at the Flying J for some fuel and a bite to eat. (.99 cents mini burgers from Wendys) then carry on to visitor centre and Vinton Louisiana.
Louisiana Visitor centre
       We arrived at the Delta Downs Casino and Racetrack   (thanks to Kevin and Ruth for the suggestion)around 2:00 pm to relax and check out the casino and spend the night here.
our spot
the track
       We have free parking for the night with security and free internet. So inside we go to check this place out, it is huge over 1,600 slot machines, racetrack, hotel and many restaurants.

        Well the first thing is we get a free players card and just for doing that we get two free T-shirts.
our t-shirts
        So now off to the penny slot machines $10.00 each and we played for over an hour until we finally made our donation (oh did I tell you we got free beer as well!). Now let's check out the buffet. It was 3:50 pm  and the lunch price is $10.99 until  4 o'clock ($14.99 after 4). We got the lunch price and even got a 30% senior discount gotta love that!! Now this buffet was pretty good everything from prime rib, to catfish, shrimp, cajun foods, gumbo, rice, potatoes, salads, breads, veggies, chicken, chicken wings, fried chicken, chicken fried steak,pasta, pizza, sausage even liver and onions just to mention a few things and an amazing desert bar as well. Trying not to overeat and sample most of the items is pretty hard to do but we did our best leisurely chatting and chewing for over and hour.

        By this time it's 5:30 and time to make our way back to our coach, walk off a bit of our meal and putter about here , while Suzie read.
nice view
      Did I mention we were parked beside the race track? Well just before 6 the racing began, and on the fourth turn we could here the thunder as they rounded the final bend down the home stretch. We are not race fans but it is pretty exciting to sit in our house looking out the window watching the action.
jockeys and trainers
starting gate
past our window
4th turn
down the track
night time
       Well the racing continued about 3-4 races per hour each one a slightly different starting place. We don't understand why but its still interesting. Eventually we turned on our tv for a bit and could watch the track and the tv at the same time. Then it's dark and soon time for bed, don't know how long the racing went on but did not bother us.

       We are up this morning (thurs) computing with our coffees and right beside us are the horses, jockeys and trainers working of some new horses I presume. They are trying to get them used to the starting gate and settle them down a bit. So as I am trying to write this I am being constantly distracted, no rush thou we just have a 4 hour trip today to Abita Springs.
morning training

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  1. OMG!!!! How awful re the fire ants, major pain! They swarm you instantly. Carmeh was attacked in Texas a few years ago and had to be sedated for a few days because of the pain & itching. On the other had what a lovely overnight spot. The buffet sounds fabulous and the entertainment from the racetrack exciting! Lucky you!

  2. Hope your feet are feeling better. Kevin has had those fire ants on him too.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay at the casino. Canada could learn a thing or two about the free booze in the casino. There was no racing the night we were there but we did watch them training in the morning.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Feet are feeling much better thanks, and yes the Canaidian Casinos could learn a few things about pomotions etc...


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