Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Bloggerfest again, met another blog follower, ice-cream social, and an amazing winter day in the sun.

Where are we today ? 
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       You will notice here looks like Bloggerfest this year is happening again. Spear headed by Shadow Moss (Paula) who is booking the Ramada at La Posa South LTVA in Quartzsite Arizona. This with be the  5th year for this event. Feel free to copy this poster and pass it on.
        A great sleep again but I slept too fast, up and outta bed at 4am my mostly usual time anyway here in the southwest. Puttered around for a while and got a shopping list ready, left at 6:45 a good time to go shopping. First stop Home Depot pick up the proper screws for the chair, Then to Albertsons for some needed items. Got some really good deals there. a huge rack of back ribs for $6:50 and 4 large boneless skinless chicken breasts $1:99 a lb plus a bunch of other things. Beer , wine Alcohol veggies etc. spent $100.00 but saved $35.00 with my loyalty card, bonus! But in reality that just covers the exchange rate.
our view this morning
pretty quiet here right now will
get busier after Christmas
      Back home put stuff away and  puttering around while this lady stopped by to say HI. Luan and her dog Buddy. She has been following our blog for a couple of years I believe. We chatted for some time, always fun to meet up with blog followers.
Luan and Buddy
     Then right after a light lunch we had a video chat with my Sister Lou, her husband Paul, Brother Chris, his wife Sherri, nephew Rob, wife Emily and her parents. They were getting together for  Christmas dinner  today.
    Now to enjoy this wonderful hot sunny day in the shade a comfortable 80F, yup we loving this weather! No humidity another reason we love it here.
    Next I changed the seal for out toilet bowl ball, on our Dometic 310 ceramic toilet, an easy fix if not for the hard water problem, but got it done in time for ice-cream!
    Then at 2 pm down to the clubhouse for an ice cream social, $1:00 a scoup includes all the toppings. So Suzie and I split a banana to enjoy a banana split yummy.
serving the icecream
oh my a banana split for a dollar! 
we happy and socialable for the ice cream social
while here this lady sang some wonderful songs
a real treat
      Back home enjoying this wonderful day with our e-readers for a while. Then good friends Jean and Skip dropped by for a visit. They are camped at the LTVA right behind us. We met them many years ago and usually meet up every year somewhere here in the desert. They are from British Columbia Canada. Did not get their picture we were so wrapped up catching up I forgot.We will see them again Christmas day though.
      After they left we headed to happy hour, a little late at Ron and Loree's to catch up with these guys today. Flapping our gums and a few more laughs.
Happy hour fun, and Freddy being Freddy
       Shortly after 5 we all headed home to whip up supper. Tonight grilled pork chops and a salad , plus I grilled some fresh asparagus gifted to us from our good friends Pat and Rob.
tasty tender chops and asparagus gotta love it
          While supper was cooking we managed to enjoy another amazing desert sunset.
     What a wonderful way to end another great day here in the southwest.
     After supper it was still very warm outside at 7 pm. Still 65 F so outside we go, Suzie reading her I-pad and me finishing this posting. Yup this is the life!
      Hey here we are after 8 pm and still outside for a while yet. Cooling down but this is wonderful! Soon we head inside for the night.
     Thanks guys for dropping on by and joining us. Hope y'all had a wonderful day, wherever you might be.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Happy to see you are all settled at Pilot Knob. Should be fun with a great group of folks.
    Sure miss those sunsets. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Dave we do enjoy time with our fiends and these amazing sunsets.

  2. Your ice cream looks so mouth watering and so does your dinner

  3. Nice community there at Pilot Knob with lots of activities and your friends.A nice stop for your Christmas holiday.

    1. It is very nice here and a bonus with our friends here as well for Christmas.

  4. How could it get better? Ice cream, sun, friends, beautiful sunsets and a dinner like that!!

    1. Your right Nancy we really enjoy this amazing lifestyle.

  5. It was another great day here with friends in the desert campground.

  6. You are certainly living each day to the fullest. Fabulous sunset photos. Surprised to see so many empty sites at the RV Park.

    1. We do our best to enjoy each and especially this amazing weather. We really enjoy the views here.
      It is quieter here this year but has never been really full. Most people want fancy campgrounds in the city, not for us thanks this is perfect

  7. Another wonderful day! Good deal on the ice cream. You may want to consider changing the caption for the guitar playing lady…

  8. It was another perfect day, and the ice cream social always a good deal too.
    Oops thank for catching that typo, missed it like I do many others as well. Fixed now.

  9. Wishing you and Suzie a Merry Christmas in company with your friends. It looks to me a nice place to spend the holidays and I am sure the food will be excellent as well. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year! Perhaps one of these days we'll meet up.

    1. Thanks Marlene same to you and Beno nice to spend the holidays with friends, enjoying their company and wonderful warm sunny days. We do love staying here.
      Meeting up some day would be wonderful hopefully some day.


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