Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Overcast rainy day, got things done and dart night.

Where are we today ?
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       We did get a good sleep after being up so late last night.And I slept in until just after 6 am, amazing ! But during the night I had a huge leg cramp (charley horse) in my left leg and was so painful this morning so no early morning walkabout but I did see the sunrise.
       Not a great day out there anyway. Overcast and drizzly off and on. But we did some needed computer time done. Then about 11 am the rain began and carried on pretty pretty well all day. We don't mind but our friends here only for a few days puts a cramp in there style.
         We still spent most of the day outside under our awning and really got lotsa reading done on our e-readers. At 3 pm went to visit our friends here. Now because of the yucky weather most of them are taking a naps. Drove around the park and saw nobody outside.
     No problem we headed back home and enjoyed a nice quiet happy hour together.
another great day for reading
and we sure did
so nice to sit outside reading and enjoying a warm rain shower
       Before we know it time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of smoked pork chops, sliced garden fresh tomato and the last 2 cobs of our white corn for now.
not long on our Weber Q
this did the trick tonight.
     Supper and dishes done early and now we can head down to the clubhouse for Thursday night Darts. Always a fun time we enjoy when we are here.
     Signed up at 6:46 and a nice turnout 12 people tonight. Suzie and I on different teams.
getting ready to begin
Gerry and Melindas' Grandaughter
enjoying the attention 
    A few laughs as always and fun darts as usual. Even on 2 different teams neither Suzie or I won any money tonight. No matter still a fun night of competition and socializing.
Suzie and Nellie 
         Home by 9:30, soon time to call it a night. Just kick back a relax.
         We had a nice day here and want to thank y'all for dropping by./
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. The rain was all around us but we didn't get any until a few spatterings around 7:30 while Bill was finishing up on the shed.
    Always seem to find things to do inside or outside. :)

    1. Nice that you did not get much rain, but we always hive things we can do, no matter the weather.

  2. I get leg cramps occasionally and it's amazing how quickly I can pop out of bed.

    1. They are painful that's for sure. I have found being dehydrated usually cause it, if I don't drink enough water.

  3. Ken just said he had one last night too. How fast those things happen and sure can linger on. Nice that you can sit outside and enjoy the rain :)

    1. Thye do linger on but do clear up when I drink plenty of water.
      Enjoying the rain outside is wonderful.

  4. There is nothing like a good book on a rainy day, isn't there. We are so fortunate to have access via the Internet to good reading material. I remember times way back when I had to hunt for a book to my liking and used paperbacks weren't always in a very nice state.
    I think Suzie was not happy with her performance at the dart board ;-)

    1. So true Marlene about a good book and we have lots. The internet gets us all we could ever read and much more convenient than paperbacks that we used to hit for all the time.
      We don't care win or loose we always have fun. Some days are better than others. She did get a couple of bull's eyes though.

  5. So great to see rain. Sure wish we could get some, but it wouldn't be normal to have rain in August in this part of Oregon. Nice happy peaceful days for you, nice to read.

    1. We get our share of it here usually, no problem we still get lotsa hot sunny days as well.
      We do love our reading.

  6. How many dart holes are in the walls around the target (grin). Always good to get out with the gang and have some good, clean fun.

    1. DD I have nit seen and hole in the wall the cupboards seem to take care of that. We always enjoy this good clean fun withe the gang though .


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