Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More great weather, fun times with friends and remember my brother's birthday today.

Where are we today ? 
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     Even after a late night with our friends around the campfire enjoying more fun times, I was still up just after 5:30 this morning. Ready to enjoy another wonderful hot summer day. Shortly before 8 am Barb dropped by for a chat and John stopped by on his bike ride. We chatted a bit and we all carried on with our day.
     A couple of pics from last night's campfire.
loving a very nice wood campfire with friends
on a warm summer's night
John lighting the lanterns
         Then this morning around  9 and I headed out on a mission. Looking for fresh white corn and check out the beaches and cheap gas for our car. The mission was accomplished !
this be the farm store
lots of fresh in season produce here
got some first of the season White corn
good deal on this very ripe cantaloupe only 50 cents 
       Heading from there to Ipperwash beach I stopped at their farm market even more items like meats pastries etc... Got some smoked pork chops , (yummy).
          Then from there a drive to Ipperwash Beach on Lake Huron. It would be a perfect beach day if we were so inclined. The weather and water temperatures perfect for it. But that did not happen for us. Our friends did the beach thing.
a wonderful beach but high water levels
no driving on the beach this year.
9:30 this morning people are getting set up already
a wonderful beach here and Michigan on the other side
          They have a few free parking lots that are great then just over the dunes to the lake.
parking lot 5
parking lot 4 much bigger
Suzie did not want to go to the beach so we stayed home
    Then just down the road filled the car with some cheaper gas, good prices for Canada as you can see below.
        Then back home for a tasty lunch and relax in the shade enjoying our e-readers. Perfect weather for it too.
was amazing with this young girl on her THING?
cruising around the park all day.
I am sure I would hurt myself
         While ready outside a fellow camper lady dropped by to drop off some fresh toamtsoe right from her garden here. can't remember her name she is know as the "Cat Lady" with bright red hair has given us fresh tomatoes for quiet a few years.
nothing quiet like fresh garden tomatoes
later in the afternoon we moved further back for more shade ,
it was getting pretty hot out
     I hd soaked t cobs of corn in water for a while to grill for supper.
soak the cobs in water for an hour or so
        Then I fired up our Weber Q 100 to grill a couple of Turkey garlic sausage and heat up the soaked corn in their husks.
20 minutes of so and all was done perfectly 
added to our salad and enjoyed an excellent meal
this white corn is the best we have ever had when we can get it
the wagon ride round the park at 7 pm
    We arrived as the fore was just getting going and caught up with them after their day and the Ipperwash Beach on lake Huron a perfect day for it,
another nice campfire on a warm summer night
with friends= perfect

John poured Bill a drink and put an ICEBERG in it
will be cold for a while !
     That was our fun day here relaxing and spending time with friends. Soon time to head on home and kick back, wrap up this posting and call it a night, not too late for us old people.
     Thanks for dropping by today.

Remembering my Brother

    Today is my brother Don's birthday but he had that dreaded disease, cancer that took him way too early in 2000, he was only 38 years old. I remember the day he was born Aug 14th 1962, I took mom to the hospital. and he became my side kick for many years. I miss him most every day we sure had some great times together.
Don and me beside my 1956 Ford in 1965
he travelled around with me a lot back then
and even in the years to come
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  1. Thank you for sharing a very special photo and memory of you and your brother.

    Love those low fuel prices. Great tomatoes, look so tasty.

    Please explain why white corn is so special. Never heard of it before.

    1. The white corn is actually much tastier, as in sweeter than the usual peaches and cream that seems to be popular now..

  2. Those are some great fuel prices!
    Looks like you had another fun day.
    The beach is where I would hang out.

    1. Love the fuel prices as well.
      The beach there is wonderful , we used to spend a lot of time there for many years.

  3. I do love those fresh veggies. That's a great picture of your brother. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

    1. The fresh veggies in season are wonderful. And that picture is one I remember quite well, seems like yesterday.

  4. How nice your neighbor shared her bounty of tomatoes with you...nothing better. The beach looks great and the farmers markets are really nice. Produce looks awesome! Dinner looks great..I love white corn. Cute pic of you and your baby brother!

    1. Nothing quite like fresh garden tomatoes. The white corn is the best we have found..
      A picture of me and him I will always treasure.

  5. Fun memory of your brother and your old Ford that he rode around with you. Sure would like to have your produce selections out here! the choices look awesome.

    1. Thanks we had some fun times him and I over the years.
      The produce we have here sure is wonderful right in farm country.

  6. Organic fresh tomatoes are the best! Gotta love that corn, mostly peaches and cream here, but we found some white corn last week and they were very tasty. Sorry you lost your brother at such a young age.

    1. Thanks Peter, he was too young but did not suffer long.
      The organic tomatoes and white corn are the best when we can get them.

  7. Never saw an iceberg in a beer before. Always something new to see on your blog! :cD

    1. We do some crazy things with these guys, Works for us, !Just never know what will happen here.


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