Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Another fun day, getting things done, enjoying this wonderful sunny weather, And a fun dart night.

Where are we today ? 
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     Quite cool again last night great for sleeping with a window open, by did we get a very good sleep. Got a nice long walkabout this morning then at 9 am hopped in the car to Strathroy AND Suzie came with me. She is looking for some new pants and is very particular. So first stop, Giant Tiger, nope, then Walmart, nope, then Goodwill, nope, hmm now the the Real Canadian Super store for some groceries. that we needed and while I did that she looked at the clothing section, and guess what ? She found exactly the pants she wanted so bought 3 pair, No I have not seen them,  just black comfortable pants with pockets that she likes. Yahoo ! She happy, me happy !
    Mission accomplished, now back home by noon in time for a light lunch. Enjoying this wonderful warm sunny day.
     After lunch can dive into my Kobo and get some good reading time done.
we like this site pretty quiet a nice Cabin beside us no other neighbours
behind us an wonderful open area as well
         Shortly after 3 pm Kim and Ken joined us for Happy Hour  along with their grandson Aiden?  Nice to catch up with these guys again when they are here. We shared stories and flapped our gums for a while then soon time for Supper.
Joe stopped by as well for a bit to join in the conversation.
always nice to see Joe
     Soon I whipped up a salad and grilled a couple of pork Sirloin chops These are so moist and tender.
they look big but lots of bone we did have a bit of leftovers though 
this sure did the trick tonight
wagon ride earlier tonight
just because darts is at 6:45 pm
        Dinner done, dishes done and at 6:45 we head to the clubhouse for our Thursday night darts that we always enjoy.
       We paid our 3 bucks each and were in separate teams. 4 teams 3 on each teams. We had fun and a lot of laughs. But my team only won 1 of the 6 games so we were out. Suzie's team was in the playoffs but they did not win either. Looks like our last game of the season here, always lotsa fun. Home by 9:45 wrap up this posting and call it a night.
everyone there was enjoying a soft serve ice cream
so we just had to have one as well
getting ready to play and have too much fun
Gerry playing with his beautiful Grand daughter
    Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you had a great day as well.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Another nice day in paradise. Suzie shopping, yup that is something! :)

    1. It was a wonderful day , and Suzie shopping with me a real treat

  2. Ha! I do the same thing. If I find a pair of pants that fit, I buy three pair. You go, Suzie!!!

    1. Always a good idea because you may never find them again.

  3. Looks like Susie will be waring the pants in this relationship for a while yet!!

  4. Last pair of shorts I bought was at the "Thrift Store". Tough to find something that's "just right" without breaking the bank. They were seven bucks.

    1. I have bought quite a few things there, usually good quality and a great price.

  5. Glad Suzie found her pants..I always say that if I find something I like I'm going to buy however many I want! I find it harder and harder to find things I like! Dinner, ice cream and darts great way to have an evening. Gerry's grand daughter is just too cute, thinking her grandpa is a little wrapped ;)

    1. I am glad she them too she has been looking for a long time.
      I sure was a wonderful day !


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