Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 27, 2018

Back to New Hamburg ,and a fish fry with Suzie's Family

Where are we today ? 
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     Another good nights sleep with heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning (that I did not hear lol) Fantastic fan bringing in some cooler air.
      Got a short walkabout this morning then we secured our coach to get on the road again. Left just before 10 am no rush only going about 90 minutes to Suzie's brothers place in New Hamburg, for a bit. Maybe 2 weeks maybe less.
      Stopped at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar in Stratford to fuel up our coach. Gas Buddy told us the cheapest gas on our route only $1.17.9 a litre compared to most places about $1.29.9 Fueled the coach here just over 200 litres figured we saved about $25,00 on this fillup plus we got $9.20 worth of Canadian tire money. Gotta love it!
       We arrived at Dennis and Sandy's about noon . Got setup and enjoyed a light tasty lunch. Then I whipped into New Hamburg for some hearing aid supplies, the grocery store for some salad stuff to add to our fish fry tonight. The fish I picked up yesterday at the Reserve ion Kettle Point.
we set  up here and Suzie's Dad in in his shop
making frames for the puzzles he loves to do.
        While at the No Frills I spotted these pork loin roasts on sale 30% off , This roast below cost only $6:50 now sure can't turn that deal down. Get a few meal form this. If we had more freezer space would have bought more.
love these pork loin roasts and what a deal
our view from here to the house
       Got our fish thawed out 4 lbs in total 15 wonderful pickerel (walleye) fillets.  Enough for 7 of us.Suzie's brother, sister in law, her Sister Rose and Ross , us and their dad.
think this will be enough 
we do like this tasty light breading enhances the fish flavour.
     I got a couple of fry pans heated with oil and pan fried these fillets, kept warm in the oven until they were all done.
does not take long to cook fish

there ya go we have a feast
       Caesar salad, potato salad, sliced tomatoes and some cheddar cheese.
this was tasty and I think everyone enjoyed it.
We finished it all!
     After supper was done they got the cards out to Play Rook, a mennonite card game similar to Eucher that I have never quite figured out yet. Watched them play for a while. Found it chilly in the bouse with their AC on. So I headed on home to relax outside, a comfortable 80F wrapping up this blog posting with a full tummy.
Suzie and her Dad
this be the game they play
        A bit later Rose and Ross headed home, along with their Dad and Suzie joined me outside for a while before calling it a night.
       Nice to be in a new location again and have fun with the family.
      Glad that you dropped in for a peak and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. That meal looks so good I love fish

  2. Nice that you're back in New Hamburg for a while. Enjoy the family visits.

    1. Yes Patsy it is a nice change and we will enjoy the family time.

  3. I rarely cook fish, but you always make it look so tasty, I think I need to try some.

    1. Fish is tasty, quick and easy to cook, don't over cook it and is wonderful.

  4. I agree with do have a way with fish and many other dinners! Nice to be back w family for a bit and a beautiful spot to park your home.

    1. Thanks guys we do love our fish. They do have a nice spot to hang out too.

  5. I love everything on your plate and would likely have gorged myself.

    1. it was wonderful I ate more than I should have but so tasty.

  6. Wow! What a feast! Suzie is her father's daughter for sure! This place looks as awesome as Camp Awesome.

    1. Thanks Peter it was nice feast we all enjoyed.
      This is a very nice place for sure.

  7. Wow did that fish look good! Now I have to go out and treat myself to some fried fish. ;c)

    1. Nothing quite like a good fish fry,
      One of our favourite meals.


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