Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cloud Museum. Bard California, warm , sunny but windy.

Where are we today?
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         Another wonderful sunrise this morning and just before it came over the horizon at 7 am I headed in to Yuma for groceries. No traffic and the rising sun blinding me heading east.
the desert sunrises different every day
love them
     Back home by 8 :30 and chatted with our neighbours for a bit and got some things done. I wanted to go the the Cloud Museum in Bard California to check out the Johnny Cloud collection, that he has been working on and collecting old cars and stuff. Well Rob and Bill wanted to go with we so headed out at 10 am.  not expecting a lot , But were we surprised ! Not much to look at to begin but start looking around . All the vehicles he had here from cars, farm machinery, motors . This place is amazing only $5.00 person. Nothing to look at as you enter but exploring  and talking to Johnny we sure had a great couple of hours, and really could have spent more time.
       This is where we went  to Bard California about 25 miles away, for  his website click HERE.. He has been collecting these vehicles now for 27 years.
this the place
     We wandered in and paid our 5 bucks each (self serve) soon Johnny came by to greet us, Any questions just ask and don't hurry make sure you see it all. We took his advice and took out time. Most vehicles here have a tag or sign describing them and where they came from etc...
    Rows and rows of some many old vehicles, mostly old Fords. And He said he drove every one of these vehicles here !
       Now here is a very cool RV  1931 (I think) House car. State of the art motorhome way back then.
kitchen and bunks in the rear
kitchen sink
4 burner stove with oven
        We kept wandering and checking out this amazing place.
      As Johnny drove by on his cart I asked him if any of these vehicle still ran. As he said he drove them all in here. Lets check this one out. He hooked up the battery , check the gas and in the second crank he fired up this old Model T ford. right up !
amazing to see and hear this run
       Every vehicle here has their wheels off the ground to save the tires. He showed us how the pedals and gears worked , high gear, low gear, forward and reverse. wow sure would like t otake one for a spin!
the 3 pedals were all explained.
such a simple system that 
really worked well back the  1920's era.
1920's dump truck and tow truck
saw mill
    Then into the first off his huge sheds. He has some really wonderful vehicles here and lots of them show worthy.
Model "T" lubrications chart
    Many here are restored almost like new , maybe eleven better, maybe a bit dusty, but heck it is only a 5 dollar tour.
child's car with a lawn mower engine
cool scooter 
parts?he has parts, everywhere 
horseless carruage
this could be for the Beverly Hill Billies
old outboard motors
slot machine that still works with nickels
Rob  trying his luck 
could be me in a former life?
ya think?
think I make a good postmaster?
      Then we checked out his barns , some very amazing vehicles here.
     This engine below looks just like the mid 1958 Hemi I put on my 1956 Plymouth  with a shoe horn and really went like stink ! Those were the days !
old  red ram original hemi 
        A lot of these cars are in amazing good condition.
Johnny's new toy 
interesting headlights
Aluminum Body Fords back in the 1920's
now the are back in style
brand new tires here for these old cars
school bus
tried to phone Suzie but the party
 line was busy ?
road grader
snow plow ?
       Back home for a late lunch, puttered around, walkabouts , read for a bit them Happy Hour at Bill and Barbs 3 pm. A few of us arrived and shared stories. had a few laughs then before we know it time to head our separate ways and whip up a tasty meal.
just having fun
     Tonight we gonna grill some chicken thighs, fresh asparagus to add to our salad.
wind screen up to stop the high winds
but worked wonderful
tasty ? yup and some leftover chicken again
more lunch stuff
even with the winds and clouds
still had a nice sunset.
       Another fun desert day enjoying this great warm weather, thanks for stopping in and hime you day was wonderful as well.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Sure was an interesting tour we took, thanks for inviting me along.

    1. Glad yo have you here and that you enjoyed it too.

  2. glad you boys did this, it meant us gals didn't need to go. Bill had a good time and took lots of pictures too.

    1. It was fun did not think the ladies would enjoy it much.

  3. Sounds like a great place to spend a few hours. I have never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    1. It sure was fun, there is so many small places out of the way, that can be very interesting , we enjoyed it.

  4. From the pictures you posted looks like a lot of stuff to look at. I was showing Tom the pictures and he asked where it was. He will be putting it on his list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lots of old different vehicles to check out we really enjoyed it.

  5. I can't imagine having all that stuff

    1. It is a hobby that I believe he makes money with, so nice to check it out.

  6. I told you the place is amazing. Johnny is so nice too. Glad you made the stop.

    1. Yes you did a few other people as well, Thanks for the reminder. Johnny was very nice and helpful too.

  7. That's the kind of place we like to visit too. It's now on our bucket list.

  8. Great pictures of the museum exhibits. That place is amazing once you get inside. Johnny was out buying another car when I was there, so didn't get to meet him.

    1. Thanks Doug, he has an amazing collection there, too bad you did not meet him.

  9. Love museums and it looks like you found a great one!! Johnny sure has some classic cars and other items.

  10. Here is a link to interesting back story of the murder of John's brother in 1997. We follow your blog and have been to the museum. Was also very surprised at how cool it was to go through. Love your blog and recipes.

    1. Thanks for following and also for the link, very interesting.


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