Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 13, 2017

Our long trip back to Quartzsite details and our Friday back to home dirt in the desert.

Where are we today
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        After a whirlwind trip back to Ontario, for Ma's funeral and celebration of life, we have been through all the weather climates, from hot to cold, to snow, rain and back to the heat and dry climate again. Arthritis pains has gone away again. lot the desert dry.
        This is how our flight from Toronto went yesterday back to Phoenix and our drive to Quartzsite. Got the free shuttle from our Hotel to the airport at 7:15 am. After fumbling around for bit we made it through security and customs. Had our flight booked on Delta but ended up Westjet.
love the seat back tv's with flight
this what we did
         Waiting at gate A8 in TORONTO and at the last minute gate was changed to A28, a quick long walk and boarded our flight just in time to depart on time at 9:50 am. 5 hours in the air and on time in Phoenix. 2:50 pm.  Made our way to the car (air conditioning on !) and headed west on I-10 to Quartzite should have arrived home 2 hours later. BUT 1-10 westbound was closed at Tonopah exit 94.  We love travelling the wide open spaces in the desert but there is very few main roads.
         This interstate was closed for 13 hours due to the shooting of a state trooper, who stopped at an accident scene of an overturned vehicle, 4:30 am. He was eventually saved by a passing motorist. There is 2 articles I found on line  for one click HERE or another HERE.   The trooper was air lifted to the hospital and was in critical condition for a while but will recover.
            So the only alternative was a very long detour by the time we saw the signs of the closure.
should have been this direct route
         The detour was south on 85 to Gila Bend, west to Yuma, and north to Quartzsite. So instead of a 2 hour drive (131miles) it was over 4 hours (255 miles), arriving back at home dirt 8:15 pm. for us. But local time was 6:15 pm luckily we did not have to drive in the dark. Stopped in Gila Bend for fuel and a Sub to eat on the way.
        Now we do not have a gps and left our internet was in the coach as well as our road map atlas. It was  a very simple drive usually. We did sent texts to some of our friends here that checked alternate routes for us and they came to the same conclusion, the long detour.
this was the route we had to take
     Arriving back home we were greeted first by Tucker, who guarded our coach while we were gone, as well as Gerry and Melinda welcomed us with a later than usual happy hour.
Tucker is glad to see Suzie again
     So nice to back home where we belong and after our long travel day,we called it and early night.


       Up before the sunrise as usual and the mild morning air feels wonderful. Got a refreshing one mile walkabout  just a the sun was rising, then a quick trip to town for 5 gallons of reverse osmosis drinking water only $1.. Now to just putter around for the day. Set up our satellite dish, weber q , more walkabouts and some afternoon reading time outside. Yup this is the life.
      After a light lunch I headed down to check out a few new vendors at Tyson Wells. Nothing much new here and a lot less vendors than previous years, maybe more in the next week or so.
not to  many people yet
the crowds will come
love this dog towing the cart
       Back home to putter around for a while, and get some quality reading time done in this very peaceful setting.
love the desert views 
Suzie in her glory
         Now about 3;30 over to Gerry and Melinda's  for a wonderful happy hour. (can't miss that!)
doggie fix for Suzie with Tucker
shared our fun day adventures 
    Then home to whip up supper. enjoying a sunset,
tonight a salmon fillet on the Q
perfect !
not long on our Weber Q
perfect light healthy meal and lotsa leftovers
for lunches
          That was our fun 2 days back in the desert now and enjoying the wonderful warm sunny days that will get better every day now.
        Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you winter weather is as good as our.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Glad you are back Safe and Sound.
    Not good what happen to the trooper. Something you don't hear as much about in Canada, then Canada is a lot colder than here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. That was a quick trip - I'm glad you were able to be there for your mom's services and get back safely. It was nice seeing you today! That salmon looks wonderful! :)

    1. It was a quick trip no need to stay there in the cold any longer than necessary.

  3. Glad to have you back. We arrived in Quartzsite today so will look you up soon. We saw the troopers hanging around on I-10 today, back where we think the shooting was. That is so sad that people have to resort to that kind of violence against troopers who are just trying to protect us.

  4. It was great that the citizen happened along and could rescue the trooper. Glad you made if home safe.

    1. It was a wonderful things that citizen did saved the trooper's life.

  5. Oh good grief. What a ride y'all had. That detour is one reason I make Paul get gas when we are about at the half-tank needle. Never know what might happen on the road. Our friends that were here overnight got caught in a huge accident shut down. There was no way to get off the interstate. The went 4 miles in 2 hours in their motorhome. Terrible.
    Enjoy that beautiful weather and the lay-back lifestyle.

    1. It was a ride, we fuelled up too at half a tank the gas stations here are few and far between. We have been stuck for hours in and accident situation too, but in the Motorhome is not a problem we have everything we need right here.
      We do love the lifestyle.

  6. Sure glad you made it home without more incidents. What a sad thing, that shooting. Glad the trooper is alive thanks to that family guy with a gun. geez. The first link you gave was a ton of crazy popup ads, but the second one explained things a bit better. Wish we could make it to Quartzsite this year, but big sigh, we have to head home shortly. Seems as though your part of the desert is warmer than ours this time.

    1. The trooper was very lucky he showed up when he did.
      Too bad you cannot make it here, but sometimes life gets in the way of things.
      No complaints about the weather here, no matter what better than back home.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Tucker we do enjoy this area. And hanging out with you guys.

  8. Welcome home, after a long detour. Lice looking dinner as usual. -8C here thins morning in Langley BC.

  9. Glad it all went well and you're safely back.

    1. It went pretty smooth except for the las leg, Nice to be warm again.

  10. We heard about the shooting on the I10 and the delay. Glad we weren't on the road then. I bet it's good to be in your own bed. We'll be heading to Q on Wednesday.

    1. Susie would like to stay here at La Posa south so you are welcome to stop by anytime ., would be great to see you guys again.


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