Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 16, 2017

Celebrating Gerry's Birthday today in the desert with a great feast.

Where are we today
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         Got a nice early morning desert walkabout again as usual and shortly after 8 am made a grocery run to Blythe California, Smart N Final plus Albertson's, for a few supplies we can't get here in Quartzsite. Home by 10 and puttered around for a bit then a light lunch. Oh by the way our water pump is still working fine, looks like the issue has been resolved (fingers crossed).
          After lunch a drive about and checked the dump station,  about 16 rev's in line not a great time to go, we will keep watching and probably go later in the day tomorrow. It's been 2 weeks and we are soon due.
16 rigs lined uno right now at the dump station
          After some relaxing reading outside in the warm sun, but cool breeze was time for Happy Hour. Today is a special one, it is Gerry's birthday (Tucker's Dad) an undeterminable age but is retired,  and younger than me. Melinda had made a special meal for him today and we were invited. Pulled pork and Beef, devilled eggs, pasta salad, fresh fruit, coleslaw and his favourite Lemon meringue pie as well and chocolate cake.
Gerry the birthday boy
we gathered around to celebrate
another couple dropped by that we met last year
Sandy and Randy are now full-time,
nice to see them again
     Of course we needed to roast him, pic on him and have lotsa laughs. Mind you we pic on Gerry every day, lol....
He did smile a lot
Melinda warming up the meat
lots of side dishes
such a happy couple
now we had a wonderful feast
Gerry blowing out the candles,
the wind helped him...
he gets to cut the cake/pie
both deserts we excellent
as it cooled down we all headed home
with another lovely desert sunset
          What a great place to celebrate a January Birthday, in the warm, sunny desert with friends.
           Glad that y'all dropped by and hope your day was wonderful well.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Looks like a great birthday celebration and really good food and good times. Maybe the dump station tomorrow won't be as long a line.

    1. It was a very fun day with wonderful food. The lin=es will get much longe for the next week or two, The time of day makes a big difference.

  2. Another great winter day. Sounds like a great time.

    1. It was a fun time good food, good friends and sunny blue skies.

  3. Always nice to be able to share your birthday with friends and enjoy good food.

  4. You are in just the right place. Cool. Irthday party!

    1. A great place to enjoy a January birthday party outside.

  5. Lemon meringue pie AND chocolate cake!?

    1. Yup the pies Gerry's favourite he was hoping everyone else had the cake, lol....

  6. Glad you both are home and settled in to your desert routine again. I don't comment everyday, but I do read and was so sorry to read about your mom. What a great "celebration of life" .

    1. Thanks guys.
      It was a great celebration of her life, does feel good to be back in the desert again

  7. I think Gerry will remember his first birthday party where he could sit outside in a t-shirt in January!


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