Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow day here, no school, a bit warmer and slip sliding around town.

Where are we today
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        Hmmm. woke up this morning to find it snowing, they are calling for 12 cm (5 inches). Not as cold but snowing, this is what happens here in the winter, the main reason we head south to the desert for the winter months.
        The grands went to school yesterday, their first day back after Christmas break. But with this weather the school buses are cancelled today, they have a snow day, no school !
       So we have a busy day with the 3 of them home and Fergie the puppy, but they are all good, They have chores too do as well as school work. Not a problem here and fun to have them around for the whole day.
       At 8:30 I moved our car so my daughter could get her's out for work. And while I was in the car anyway, just slipped and slided  to the Rec. centre to make use of their indoor walking track again. Got a couple miles walked inside was so nice to get the exercise in a warm  place.
fitness  centre cold and snowy
but nice inside
      After lunch whip over two the grocery store for a couple of things and slipped and slided  back home, sure glad we don't have to travel far today
Parking lot snow piles
main roads not great
back roads are worser
       Fooled around with grands for a while then we had a bite for lunch, next I prepped 10 lbs of back ribs for supper, everyone likes ribs. In the oven all spiced up and sauerkraut slow roast for a couple hours until tender. then removed the kraut slather with BBQ sauce,brown sugar and spices to finish them off. In the meantime boiled some sweet potatoes, mashed with butter and brown sugar, some Bushes baked beans and coleslaw, now we have a feast.
      One grandson went for his Karate after they went tobogganing with their mom, supper time, then another went to Hockey practice. All busy times here.
        In between  stuff we shovelled the snow that just kept coming down, darn sure we do not miss this snow shovelling. Keep the snow away before the rains coming tonight that will make it much heavier.
back porch
hey that's ME shovelling snow
hmm not what I enjoy

like to help out when I can
back yard, I like it much better
in the summer
front stairs
Suzie keeping warm and cozy
ribs are done
Ribs, Kraut, beans, sweet taters,
and coleslaw,
what a feast
       Now that was a fun winter day keeping warm, and keeping busy. Glad that y'all stopped by. tomorrow is Ma's celebration of her life.
        Hope you had a nice warm winter day somewhere warm.
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Yikes. I know you're there for a reason, but holy cow I sure don't miss that!

    1. We sure don't miss it either, but sometimes things need to be done.

  2. The weather back home doesn't look great for the next few days. We have been thinking of you and hope for safe travelling. Take care and will see you in a couple of days.

  3. School is canceled due to terrible road conditions and there you are out driving on them...MEN!

    1. lol,,, had to get some food for supper, and only 2 blocks away.

  4. Keep safe driving
    see you tomorrow night

  5. Oh my! Shoveling snow. Great reminder of why you two like it out here in the Southwest so much.

  6. Working those upper body muscles, eh? Just don't overdo it! Hoping for no weather problems tomorrow for you.

    1. I will not over do it thats; for sure.
      So far looks good.

  7. Well, it sucks about the snow (probably mostly melted at this point), but at least you avoided the bitter cold we had leading up to it over the last few days. Yikes!
    Any time there's flying involved anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, it can be troublesome. Hope you can get back out to the South again OK.


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