Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Overcast, drizzly a bit but we got out to the Pow Wow and actually had a great day.

Where are we today
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             Much warmer last night 52f this morning at 5 am. Loving this mild weather! But the weather gods say we gonna have rain and clouds. They were pretty well right but, not much rain just drizzles here and there and the sun did peak through a few times.
            Just add a layer and we were outside most of the day. Just not sitting or reading in the sun though. It was perfect day to make a pot of chicken noodle soup, We have the bones so make a broth so why not?
            After a few early morning walkabouts in the drizzle, and quick trip to town I whipped up the soup, to go with our leftover pizza from yesterday. Sure hit the spot for a tasty lunch.
homemade soup and leftover  pizza
did the trick for lunch
         Today is the first day of the Pow Wow at the QIA. (Quartzsite Improvement Association) This is a free event, free parking and free admission, Park where you can and walk or take a free shuttle. We found a parking spot not far so just walked a block or so. This is a gem, mineral, rock and jewelry show, hundreds of vendors. Not crowded today , because of the threat of rain, But we had no rain at all.
the free shuttle
we parked  down the road
     Now we wandered around the grounds checking out all the amazing rocks, stone and gems, Chatted with a few vendors and just enjoyed the exercise an looking at all the sights. people watching as well.
so many amazing colors, stone, gems and rocks
never knew.
patio stones
cactus  skeletons
lotsa good food very reasonable
high quality  jewelry as well
     You want stuff lotsa choices here.
the Smart car is smaller than this  ATV !
more cactus skeletons
     Then we wandered about the inside vendors as well So many amazing things to see and buy if you want them our have the money, Not cheap.
        Back home we puttered around for a while. I took our bicycles off the back of the coach and aired up the tires between rain drops. Will clean them up when the weather clears.
        Looked like Happy hour was not happening today then just after 4 pm George and Rosanne showed up to visit Rob and Pat. We visited with them, in Lake Havasu last fall. they brought the sun with them. 
Rob, Suzie, George, Rose, Pat
Rob, Suzie, me, Rose, Pat
            We did have to head inside for a short visit and had a few laughs Catching uo with each other as well.
Pat and Bill making and X rated picture
that's why it is blurry
              After 5 we headed home to fire up our Weber Q grill a couple Turkey Burgers to add to our salad.  While that was happening Tucker had to drop by for a Suzie fix. Hmm.. think he wants to move in!
a mild sunset while grilling the burgers
done tasty and hit the spot
    Another desert day, that we enjoyed , not hot but not cold like back home we will take it,
    Thanks for stopping by for a peek.

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  1. There is definitely a lot of stuff on display there.

  2. I think we'll forgo the Pow Wow if it is rocks, gems and jewellry. Not our thing. Glad you enjoyed it George!

    1. Not our thing either, but it was a nice outing outside walkabout and enjoying the fresh air. We are not shoppers just lookers.


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