Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Cruise, day 3 Cozumel

Where are we today ? 
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   Went to bed last night at 10 pm it was actually 79 F, we slept well until 5:15 this morning and still wonderful at 72F outside. Got a nice walkabout and some coffees and then at 6:30 at the buffet was open so we went for an early breakfast.
had fun here today
love our balcony room with a view
a tasty breaky to get us going
     Got a few walkabouts after breaky and before we hit shore. Gotta work off all this food. Checked out the fitness places but made good use of the walk track. after today was done I actually got 6 miles walked. Including a lot of stairs, being we are on the 9th level and other things 10, 11 or 4 and 5th level, but the stairs are good for a change we don't do that many anymore.
did catch a bit of a rainbow this morning a bonus
love this walking trail
       We were in port  Cozumel  and ready to disembark by 9 AM. So we headed from deck 9 to deck zero and out the centre gangway onto the pier and into town.
Suzie leading the way
welcomed by a mermaid
we now in Mexico
this be our ship
its a big one ship over 3,900 passengers and .
about 1,500 crew members
here we are
lotsa pedi cabs
     We have been here a few times before and seen most of what we want t see, so just wandered around because we could. Music atmosphere etc.. chat with the vendors and fool around with them.
Suzie greeted by this clown lol
        We were want some real mexican food and sake a security guy for some recommendations , he gave us 2 restaurant downtown where we wanted t go anyway, So grabbed a cab and had a nice tour down the Malecon for  about 20 minutes , 8 bucks. Right to where we wanted to go.
this be the place for lunch
on the back streets in town
right away chips and a salsa
and a couple of Del Sol
Suzie enjoyed  tasty chicken Quesadilla
I had a traditional Mexican dish
Polo Mole Poblano
amazing sauce over chicken
20 spices including hot pepper and chocolate
nice garden behind us
    The we walked a couple of blokes to the Malecon typical side streets, loving the atmosphere we git used to with our 3 months Touring Mexico with our coach.
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typical local transportation
   We walked quite a few blocks enjoying the stores and the weather until Suzie git too hot. So we hopped in a taxi and back to the pier where our ship is.
love some of these converted cars
     Enjoyed some local dancers putting on a goo show for a while The I tried on a new pair of boots?
these boots a bit big ya think?
but suite my guns
     Then we relaxing in the shade  watching the boats for a but but with a rain storm heading in for 2 pm we made a be line back to the ship
         We got back to the ship before the heavy rain hit so not to wet, it was a warm rain so not too bad. and int our cabin
Add caption
relaxed on our balcony while the rain came down
we nice and dry here and still 82 f
   Then as the rain came down very heavy could not even see the shore for a while.
lots of extra water by the pool
staff busy trying to keep the deck dry
    We found out we could bring one 750 ML of wine on board each ( from home) so brought 4 small bottle of wine each work out to the same amount
4 of these is one bottle of wine
      Now at 6:15 we went ti the Limelight Lounge for a very good Comedy Show
this guys was excellent, non stop laughs 
     Then we just went to the buffet for a light salad  we have enough of these heavy meal , over the top meals for a while.
salad rice salmon and tiny piece of chicken
then another outdoor movie on the deck lotsa people filling the chairs
blankets and popcorn make it perfect 
in the Lobby and couple of very good violin players entertained us for a while
then free whiskey tasting we enjoyed
      From there we headed back to our cabin and stopped to enjoy some Karaoke in the Ocean Plaza for a hill and finally back ti our cabin shortly after 9 pm. With a nice t]new towel animal from out]r room steward.
we have an Elephant in our room!!!
soon time for bed and another busy day again tomorrow
     We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Cozumel and on board ship. So much to see and do,
      Glad you could join us and hope y'all had a great day as well.
this where our ship took us over 2 days

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  1. Now that is a long pier to walk to get to town. Looks like you had a great time in Cozumel and a wonderful real Mexican lunch. Good for you for finding such a place. Just remember that the real Tres Amigos is the RV park here on Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra, Mazatlan. Keep having fun.

    1. It is a long pier but we were prepared to walk lots today and did get a little over 6 miles in. Yes there'll Tres Amigos campground is on Isla Piedra we had lots offun there, this is the bar though a long way away.

  2. Another wonderful day of exploring. Sometime even if you've been to a place before there is still more to see. Everything is so colorful

    1. Yes JO it was a fun day we enjoyed revisiting and the atmosphere,of downtown. we do enjoy and some real Mexican food..

  3. You guys are having so much fun. Love the boots. I think you should have a pair. You would find the real Mexican restaurant and not just the tourist places. Way to go.

    1. We are having a ball. The boots are fun but not too practical.
      The best places to eat are away from the tourist places we have learned.

  4. Looks like another wonderful day for you two! So much fun and lunch certainly looked delicious. Glad you were able to make it back to the ship without much wetness. Your balcony looks amazing along with your room!

    1. We are enjoying the cruise and visiting different places. We got lucky missing most of the rain, better than some people.
      The room and Balcony is wonderful too.

  5. From the pictures and descriptions looks and sounds like a fun day. I agree with Shirley, really nice room and balcony.

  6. Much different view entering from the cruise ship side instead of the airport. Looks like things have changed a little. They are becoming a big tourist destination. I just LOVE that movie screen. How cool!!

    1. It has changed over the years and it just a big tourist attraction now. That screen looks wonderful maybe we will catch a movie there.

  7. I like your room with the balcony. We went to Cozumel a few times several years ago and loved it. I found a bench outside a restaurant on the square and they served me margaritas while Bev shopped and I people watched.

    1. WE loving the rooms as well, we don't do much shopping but they do offer you free drinks in lotsa places

  8. Nice trip into Cozumel for the day. Love the bright colours of Mexico. There are always new things to see, I find, no matter if you've been to a place before.
    Keep on having fun!

    1. WE love the bright colours here as well and just enjoying Mexico for what it is.

  9. Looks like another enjoyable day exploring Cozumel and the Ship.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  10. We were in Cozumel on our last cruise. Your posts make me want to do another one for sure. Rain or shine its always fun. So nice to see you two having fun, although you have fun no matter what you are doing.

    1. Cozumel an cruises are always fun And you know we have fun wherever we go.

  11. That's a BIG ship! It can offer a lot more to do than the smaller ones. I think I'd be claustrophobic without your balcony, nice place to sit outside with a bit of privacy.

    1. It is a huge ship and lots to do , Our first balcony is a real bonus, but no matter lotsa place to enjoy pursed, inside or by the windows, every private spots as well.

  12. What a great time you seem to be having! Lunch looked delicious. The balcony room looks wonderful for sitting and reading.

    1. We are really enjoying ourselves so much to see and do,


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