Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, November 12, 2018

Abita Springs LA. tornado missed us but we have some rain.

Where are we today ?
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    Rain overnight and again pretty wet here at Martin Lake , but cleared up this morning so I could get a couple of nice early walkabouts. No rush today only going 84 miles. They do have a tornado warning though but looks like it will miss us. So at 9:15 we secured the coach and headed west to Abita Springs Louisiana , on the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain.
      Moved down the road about 20 miles and stopped at the Flying J to top up our gas tank on the coach, WOW! best price for gas so far this at $2.14.9 cents a gallon with our Good Sam card. we only needed 35 gallons sure wish we could have filled our 75 gallon tank for this price.
I -10 is in good shape so far
         Moving right along on I-10 so far a very good road, Stopped at the Louisiana Visitor's centre for some information on the Abita Springs area , St Tammany Parish. Where we will be for a week.
stopped at the welcome centre, got some info about the North shore
where we will be.and they have free coffee, a nice touch
love when they mark the roads like this
I-12 west is where we need to go
this be our exit
        Arrived at 11:30 am checked in, another membership park only $10.00 a night with full hookups. Got set up on a very nice large site and a nice pond right behind us before the rain began just after noon.
     After lunch I put my poncho on and checked out the park, it has been quite a few years since we have been here.  All new washrooms, showers here a wonderful improvement. We really love this park. It was the very first campground we came to in the south back in 2006. AND back then we had just checked in and got set up when Renea (manager) came around and told us to head to the clubhouse NOW, Tornado watch. Our first day here and our first experience with Tornadoes.
love the live Oaks coming into town
familiar roads to the campground
this be our wonderful very large site
ponds right behind us
     The rains let up for a couple of hours, awning open just in case an we could enjoy reading outside still comfortable at 68 f. While our Chicken was cooking on our Weber Q.
these ducks came by hoping for handouts
sorry guys we don't do that
they came right close wanting treats
     For supper tonight grilling a 5.3 lb chicken on our Weber Q I picked up yesterday for a good price.
a couple of hours today but worked out prefect,
we do love our chicken and lots of leftovers
    Added to our salad sure did the trick. But with no fridge or freezer space I will not be making soup we have lotsa food yet to consume. No problem a lot more chickens in our future for sure.
this sure did the trick tonight,
we have been chicken deprived LOL
     Now to hang out here in Abita Springs, checking out a few things again in the area. That we have spent so much time in the past, almost like returning home again.
      Thanks for joining us today and hope y'all had a wonderful day too.
87 miles today

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Glad to read the tornado missed you guys. Sounds like you have landed in another nice spot.
    We really like it when the highway number is printed on the roadway. Takes the guess work out of which lane to be in.

    1. We are getting used to the tornados and the wring systems down here are real good.This is a another are that we really enjoy.
      Yes the numbers in the pavement is really nice.

  2. Looks like you could have had fresh duck instead of chicken!

    1. LOL,,, Yes we could have but we actually prefer chicken,

  3. Would like to highly recommend the Whitney Plantation in Wallace La. on the Mississippi river if you have a chance to visit while you're in that area.

    1. Thanks for the tip Richard we will be checking it out, we have seen few Plantations here years ago, not this one though.

  4. Replies
    1. No problem Larry so far they are pretty good no complaints here.

  5. I don't know why ALL states don't do that. It's so much easier to find the right lane and I'm sure helps to lessen the accidents. Watch out for those tornados .... I hate driving in that area just because of them. Scary stuff. Stay safe!!!

    1. Yes would be nice to see those markings on the roads makes it much easier to navigate. We do love this area and always watch the weather so not a real big issue for us. So many people live here and survive the odds are pretty good in our favour.

  6. Looks like a beautiful area! Nice to be staying a few days for sure. Dinner looks wonderful! WE love our chicken too1

    1. We love this area and really enjoy this campground. Dinner was excellent nothing quite like a chicken on our Weber Q.

  7. We too love our chicken. Looks like a beautiful area. Enjoy your time there. I also l like the markings on the road, less guess work.


    1. This is a nice area and different from a lot of places we go. Some real southern flair here. The marking do make it much easier for sure.

  8. Be sure to pick up some Abita Beer! YUM!!! Abita root beer is also the best root beer ever. Just search Abita beer on google there are many fun brewpubs there, and the Abita Brewery. I'm sure you already know this, I just got all excited that you were going to be there. Wish I were! :-)

    1. Love the Abita Beer, and their root beer as well. The Purple Haze and Turbo Dog are very enjoyable. We have been to the brewery many times, before they expanded, and have done almost a dozen tours and free tastings (not free now though ) we do love this area.


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