Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Saturday fun. And windows 10 installed on Suzie's computer.

Where are we today ?

       What are we having another wonderful day. Temps in the high 70's F (25c) not too shabby. Talked to friends of ours are seasonal here and he is a computer type guy. Mentioned the Windows 10 upgrade to him and he suggested we come to their place and use their internet, (unlimited data) = Bonus for us with limited bandwidth on on our  broadband usage.
       So there about 10 am and began the process and thanks Rick Doyle's tips it all came together. Took most of the day to get it done, but it completed and Suzie is happy. We left there to come home for lunch then back later.
Doggie fix for Suzie with Tucker 
      This is a family campground so lots of great activities going on all weekend.
activity schedule
Jello slip and slide from noon till 1pm 
kids having a ball
our friends place Melinda and Gerry 
love this quadracycle
      Had another friend found us here Justin. Stopped by to say hi and will be back another time.
Justin taking the quad for a spin,
I actually went with him too
        About 4:30 I headed home to begin supper while Suzie finished up with the install, Everything seems to work very well as does her old programs, just a bit of a learning curve for her but really no big deal. Looks like a much better OS then before.
         Tonight gonna do some fish in our fry Daddy with the beer batter fish crisp. Add a salad and one cob of corn to share.
1 corn cob on the Weber Q a 2 taters baked for
 some homefries for tomorrows brunch
the fish was excellent as was the rest of our meal
         Yesterday I made some corn kabobs that were very tasty but the internet did not let me do much more posting (too slow) so below is the pic and the link to my recipe blog, check it out and enjoy.
corn Kabobs I made friday night
          For the corn Kabob recipe you can click here or my recipe blog on the top right sidebar.
         A few minutes of light rain this afternoon but then the rest of the day was amazing. Plus we met up with and chatted with so many people we have met over the year, nice to reconnect.
         Just having a wonderful busy long weekend here and sure hope yours is great too. 
         Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I'm dragging my feet on the upgrade and probably will a while longer. Love the temperatures in the high 70's. Wish it were more like that here.

    1. We got real lucky for the upgrade to find someone with unlimited wifi, saved us quite a bit of money and time.

  2. I have done three installs so far. My old backup laptop went fairly well after a frustrating start where it tried all night and I had to restart the process. Norma's desktop went perfectly, easy as pie but my desktop is giving some troubles with a display driver problem. I will enlist Rick's help on that tomorrow. So nice to have a Guru!

    1. Rick sure is a handy fellow to know.
      It was his directions that got us ahead of the lineup.

  3. I am getting ready to do the install. We are only going to put it on mine, see how it works and then do Paul's if all goes well.

    Another day of making awesome memories.

    1. Yes awesome memories making more wonderful days.
      Suzie is liking Windows 10, a little different but works great.

  4. Good job Suzie. Is that jello slide really using Jello?

  5. That quad-cycle would be very, very fuel efficient. Glad to know that Suzie is happy with Windows 10. Every story I read about it seems quite positive. We will update too....but that will have to be down the road a bit. Too busy!

    1. Once you get it going just leave it alone for a few hours actually does its own thing.

  6. Sounds like a fun day. I can remember when my best friend got a slip n slide 50+ years ago.

    1. It was a fun day for everyone here and great weather too,


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