Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting stuff done a bit and tasty rolled ribs for supper.

Where are we today ?

Plattsville Ontario

        Today gonna be awesome weather just the way we like it, temps in the mid 80's f (29c) perfect ! So got my walkabouts around town this morning and returned the gas buddy to the garage. Not sure how to drag it the 4 blocks so decided that I could sit in the trunk of the car hang on to handle and have Suzie slowly drive me down the road.  Perfect , only in a small town can you do this, love small towns !
       Now I had to run to New Hamburg for a few food stuffs and the bank machine. back home for lunch then Suzie had to go see her mom at lunch time. Now we can relax and enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the shade enjoying our e-readers.
       Then a I took a bit of time to put together some rolled ribs for supper. For the recipe you can click here  or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
       Got ribs ready to go and put them on our Weber Q at 3:30 , low and slow, let them simmer making sure the ban did not go dry.
        We were going to have friend come for rolled ribs on Tuesday but we will not be here. So cooked them anyway, saved one for him if he can make it here this week, if not we have some wonderful leftovers. They reheat wonderfully! he used to make a special trip to my restaurant when I made them way back when.
this time I used some croutons for the stuffing,
just soaked in a bit of water until soft enough
doing 4 portions used a 14.5 oz can of sauerkraut
add the dressing and ready to roll and tie
now ready for the Weber Q
low and slow about 2.5 to 3 hours
smell so good to while we are outside reading
added to a salad, sure tasted like more,
fall off the bone tender
          With having no luck removing the gas from our fuel tank we decided that tomorrow we will take the long way to Sicard Rv in Smithville. A tour we have not done since we went fulltime over 9 years ago. Leave here early in the morning head west, then south and cruise along the north shore of Lake Erie heading east an area we have always enjoyed. Gotta empty our fuel tank so why not have fun while we are at it? It was relatively cheap gas so we will get on the road and have fun doing what did many years ago.
         Thats our plan we are looking forward to it.
         We had a nice day relaxing somewhat and get sone quality reading done, hope you enjoyed your day too.
         Thanks again for stopping by.
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  1. Another great rib recipe. Will have to try it for sure. Thanks George.

  2. It's always exciting to get back on the road especially when we need to itch that hitch itch.

  3. Of course on this trip you'll probably get the best mpg you've ever seen on your MH... ;c)


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