Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wed. Feb. 1st. North to Parker Arizona

Thanks for joining us in our journey of North America 
in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006 

 Where are we Today ?

        Bright, sunny and up early  today, we are on the road again! We have our last Quartzsite sunrise for this year (I think). 
Arizona Sunrise
        Its about time, we have been here 16 days  and thats  a pretty long time for us in one spot . Mind you we have been busy supporting the local businesses in town thats for sure, but it was all stuff that needed to be done, the service here has been great as well as their prices.
BLM Ranger checking for permits
        Well we are all secured and ready at 8:30 said goodbye to neighbors Jay and Joanne and headed for the dump station. only 8 rv's in line so we were outta there at 9:10 am, into "Q" to top up our propane tank. The streets are pretty barren now. 
A week ago it was bumper to bumper traffic at this time
        Then to Quality Rv were we had the genny fixed and are getting some welding done on  the broken support brackets for our generator, also picked up a new" extend a stay" propane adapter  to replace the leaking one. ( this was $40. cheaper than the original I purchased in Ontario five yrs ago !)

Monty getting the welding done
        All this done then north on 95, thru the desert  about 35 miles, to the Bluewater Casino in Parker arriving at 11 am. WOW, is it ever nice driving with clear windows now I can see the mirrors!  Here we will spend the rest of the day with free secure overnight parking. 
nice drive
        One thing rv'ers soon learn when travelling is that Casinos are a great deal for an overnight stop, even if you don't gamble. First time visitors go in and sign up for a players card, its free. Then because we are new comers we each got a free buffet meal, we choose to have a large lunch buffet today, and it was pretty good as far as buffets go, (we are not lovers of buffets), then we each get free, ten dollars of slot machine play as well. Now we had a very filling lunch,  good for the day now and more than an hour of slot machine play just for the price of a free parking spot for the night. Now can you turn down deals like that. Oh we did spend two bucks to activate the free play but blew that as well. Suzie is right beside me so I don't get carried away.
lotsa rv's
the hotel at the Casino
        With full tummies we waddled back home putter around for a bit, chat with a couple of parking lot neighbors (lots rv's here) and a few big boys with their toys too. Four wheelers, speed boats, dune buggies, a baha buggy and even an old pickup truck.
baha buggy
nice old truck (see the dog driving?)
         A walkabout to the river then relax in the shade with our books until 6 pm , can you believe it and  still in shorts too, then a nice sunset before we head inside for the night.
Arizona sunset
                It's really hard to tell the difference between an Arizona sunset and sunrise.

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  1. can i ask how much you pay for the permits to stay on BLM land? We are planning to visit quartzsite next winter

  2. Pennie:

    There is free short term areas, but we choose to stay in the long term visitor areas. $40.00 for two weeks ($180. for six months) and you have access to garbage disposal, water and a dump station.

  3. Parker is a favorite area for us. Have you checked out the County and State Parks just a bit north? Great RV spots!

  4. Ohhhh boy. I can just see my first trip to the infamous Q ... spend all my money and then find a poker room just 35 miles down the road...

  5. thanks for replying .. were planning to do AZ next winter .. were enjoying the warmth of Florida this year

  6. Contessa:

    No we have not, mostly use our membership parks over 700 that we have access to with great discounts. Too cheap to spend the money.


    Thanks for stopping by, like to save money at the casinos rather spend it. It can be hard sometimes.

  7. Where are you going next? Not heading back into California?

    Mike and Dee

  8. Mike and Dee:

    Don't think so this year.


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